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Explain the nature of insomnia.

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  • Explain the nature of insomnia.

    Insomnia is defined medically as an inability to fall or remain asleep. Insomnia can take numerous forms, and no one criterion for determining its existence exists in terms of the number of hours a person sleeps each night. Even if they have no problem going to sleep, those with insomnia may find that they wake up too early. Some people have trouble getting sleep, while others have trouble remaining asleep. The shared component is subpar sleep that fails to restore your energy levels. Best Sleeping Pills for blue zopiclone 7.5.

    Insomnia can linger anywhere from a single night to a few weeks when it is only temporary. This might refer to a single night of restless or unrefreshing sleep, or it can refer to many nights of insomnia interspersed with restful nights.
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