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Basketball shoe for Tennis?

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  • Basketball shoe for Tennis?

    I play both basketball and tennis, so I have several pairs of shoes of each type, and usually you can tell where the athletic requirements distinguish basketball shoes from tennis shoes: higher ankle coverage, grip pattern, rubber density, and so on. Looking at Trae Young 1, I really can't help but see the barricade Ubersonic 2 esq mash up, which is great for tennis use, and then of course that geeza footdoctor Zach did a review on them and mentioned them as potentially the best Ubersonic 4 for some people, with more stability and cushioning while staying on At this level, I am losing my footing and flexibility, and this has only reinforced my prejudice. Does anyone have a couple and/or have any ideas about this?

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    Once, I tried to play tennis in basketball shoes and got corn on my feet. That was not a good idea


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      It seems that it’s not the best idea to wear basketball shoes to play tennis. Basketball shoes are harder and are not intended for active moves from one side to another. Tennis shoes, on the other hand, are more flexible and soft. The ones that I use now are Adizero Ubersonic 3, and I like both the looks and the comfort that they provide. These are the best ones that I have used so far. please click here to find out more about this pair. I do not play basketball regularly, but I tried some basketball shoes some time ago. They are fine, but I could feel that they are intended mostly for jumping and rotating in one place.