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    You know you're getting old can't keep up with technical/business terms like the word “deck” as it refers to PowerPoint slides in a presentation. A few weeks ago, I heard a young CFO often refer to something as a “deck.” I didn't say anything because everyone else seemed to get it. I could say I was the only one who didn't get it. It's weird because I'm probably just as good or better at using Microsoft Office products than most people. So, when did this happen? I mean, I get it! When you look at the slide thumbnails, they may look like a bunch of cards in a deck. It's just weird that I didn't hear this term until a month ago.

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    getting old is so hard sometimes. But it is fine as long as you don't turn into a grumpy boomer


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      My mom used to call me a computer genius when I was fourteen, but now she's better at Facebook than I am


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        You are so right! It is not the case with everyone, but I used to be really good with computers when I was a teenager. Still, now, I have completely forgotten everything. I can’t even do things that I could do before. I have an excuse that sounds like “it means that I don’t need it so much anymore,” It is partially true because back then, I had an old PC that used to crash every other month, and I had to repair it.
        The only thing that I’m better at now is presentations. I have to do that for the job, and I need to be skilled in it. But, again, I mostly use websites like and not bare PowerPoint to make one, and it is not fair to the teenage me who did not have such tools.