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  • New & happy to be here

    Hello Kidney friends! My name is Dan, I am in stage 4 of ckd & just started the conversation of looking into dialysis in the future. I was diagnosed at the age of 19 gfr was in the 38/40 range then, now will be 40 in a couple months gfr is 25ish. Just looking to speak with & share info, with you all. give each other strength/hope & overall positive vibes to help each other with this disease. Stay strong

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    Hello! My name is Steve How are you!

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      Hello Dan, I am Kubra. It is fascinating that you kept going for 21 years, kudos! I am in 3b, and 30 years old. I have just been diagnosed -so far I do not know the root cause. Please share your experiences with us, because you are my idol right now.

      Also on the dialysis point, I do not have any experience so far but I think you still have time to start dialysis. As far as I know, doctors wait for your kidneys to handle as much as possible and then start dialysis.

      Thanks !


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        Hi my name is Billie. I am caring for my husband who is considered to be in renal failure. His GFR is 8.9. He is 82 and has Parkinsons which requires a wheel chair, so he has decided against dialysis. He had a minor stroke about two years ago which the hospital never diagnosed, so he was late receiving pt.


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          Hello, I am new to this disorder. Stage 4.
          I'm wanting to know everything about kidney disease.


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            Hello. I’m a CKD patient who’s been on dialysis for 2 years now. I’m on the kidney transplant list. Don’t give up hope ever. Be your own advocate, ask questions and push for answers. I was started on dialysis too soon. My GFR was 24. They started me on dialysis three days a week, 3 1/2 hours each treatment. The treatments were making me sick so I said let’s go to three hours three times a week. I was still sick. My lab work was fine. So I said let’s go to 2 1/2 hours three times a week. I was still sick after my treatments. I finally decided I was going to try 2 1/2 hours twice a week. Guess what I feel much better and I am not quite as sick. I do not gain much fluid in between treatments because I still urinate a lot. My lab work is perfect. Now if I could just get that Kidney I’d be on top of the world. Oh and by the way I’m in a competition to win a custom chopper motorcycle. If anyone here would care to vote for me, it’s a daily vote for free, not a scam just a free vote have three more weeks to go with daily voting. I’m in first place and I’m so excited family and friends are voting like crazy. You can vote once every 24 hours for free. Here is the link God bless and thanks everyone. Just copy this link into your browser.

            ps: if you’d like to talk about your issue and how to handle it I’m here to discuss it with you. I only know from experience how things turned out for me. Not sure how long I can go like this but I’m healthy I’m stronger and I’m doing things that I couldn’t do for a long time, just need that Kidney and I’ll be all set.


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              I am Kubra. It is fascinating that you kept going for 21 years, kudos! I am in 3b, and 30 years old.


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