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New member. Carer of partner with CKD

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  • New member. Carer of partner with CKD

    Good morning, I am pleased to find a community where I can learn and listen to people who are managing their kidney disease. My partner has stage 4 CKD and I am managing her kidney friendly diet. She has diabetes and this has caused her CKD to get worse. Getting blood sugars to an acceptable level is proving tricky but once we are below 12 I will be pleased. Happy to discuss ideas.

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    I have been on dialysis for 2 years and I am a white male 75 yrs old. I had a heart attack two years ago and they did a stent and unfortunately the drugs they used during the stent finished off my already weak kidneys. For the most part managing dialysis is not to hard, but then everybody is different. I'm sure or at least hope your Nephrologist has advised you regarding your fluid intake, keeping your phosphorus and potassium under control. A lot of managing dialysis is attitude. If you can maintain a healthy outlook it makes things easier. Also a lot of it depends on your treatment center. If the staff, which includes the nurses, technicians, dieticians and support staff are caring and considerate it helps a great deal. I also have type 2 diabetes and I have it pretty much under control my last A1C test showed 5.4. I eat very few sweets, which is murder because I love chocolate, cake and cookies. But I try ad keep my diet as such as to keep the blood sugar down. There are many ways to satisfy a craving for sweets. Such as fruit as long as you keep an eye on the potassium and phosphorus content which you should do with anything you eat. Getting an abnormally high phosphorus or potassium count can be quite uncomfortable. I hope this will help you in someway. the best of luck to you and your partner and may the Lord keep and bless you.