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Very Happy Kidney :)

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  • Very Happy Kidney :)

    In March of this year, my one kidney was functioning at 17%, I thought for sure I was heading for dialysis. Then in April it went way down to 12% and I was in hospital getting mega fluids and the time I left, it was at 19%...shows how much hydration does to keep those numbers up...I was pretty sick.

    As of today, Yes You Can Recover Functioning! I just went to my nephrologist and my kidney is at """29%"""" function level...the best it's been in '''2 years"". The major change I've made is to be more active...easy in the summer months and I'm hoping I can find something to keep me moving through the winter...I won't be going to any gym club. I didn't want the virus vaccine cause it wasn't approved by FDA...but I did get it due to Delta. I might still get it, but at least I know I won't die from covid 19. I have other health issues.

    What I did was simple, a matter of choice, I didn't want to go on dialysis so I stopped playing around with foods I knew were not the greatest for me. First, I stopped eating dairy except for cream cheese and eggs. Instead of ice cream I switched to frozen yogurt. I stopped buying large containers of yogurt. I started to buy extra gum when I needed a burst of sweet. Cookies are a huge temptation still so I only buy one package for a month..when they are gone that's it. I also eat graham crackers, cinnamon,,,,but those two things are the only processed foods I eat. Due to anemia, I buy grass fed angus beef either 85/90% and have a small burger (flat golf ball size) once every two weeks. In am I drink one full 16oz of water, coffee...wait for an hour to eat due to synthroid. then I drink a mixture of flavored natural water....a 24 oz container 1/2 flavor/1/2 water...2 of those.

    I eat tuna, white fish, chicken breast (baked no skin) eggs and the beef. Everything else is organic, plant based and I keep my protein even, I'm allowed 40grams per day, so I try to eat 10 at each meal, 10 at two snacks.

    Just really wanted you all to know that your numbers can move up, if you choose to put the right foods in your body and move your body which helps circulate the blood, brings in oxygen.

    Wishing You All The Best!! ml

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    I forgot to write, I do treat myself to a pizza every once in a while....Always With Veggies!! and sometimes I'm Really Good, and I'll just get a plain pizza and put my own fresh veggies on. I tried the cauliflower crust, not bad, pizza dough is better!


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      I'm new to this journey and I keep reading and re-reading your comment. Thank you so much for sharing your story and giving me such inspiration. Stay safe and stay well!


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        I'm not on dialysis but getting ready to talk to the surgeon. Gonna stick to plant based diet. Mentally I'm not ready for dialysis. Great to hear your story.


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          I am totally new to this place...I would like to know if oat bran and flaxseed meal is OK for CKD 3....thanks


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            I am glad to hear you are all fine now.