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New Member question PCP will not refer me to a specialist any ideas?

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  • New Member question PCP will not refer me to a specialist any ideas?

    Hello I am new here and would like to say thank you all for the opportunity to join. I little bit about myself I was born with a birth defect of only having 1 kidney, I have a AGI deficiency.
    I also have high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes for about 30 years now and have been off and on meds. I am also obese and on multiple pain meds for a spinal injury. I was able to look up my blood and urine results for the past 5 years + and found my GFR levels have decreasing and my urine creatine was very high for over 5 years and with proteins and my creatine blood is around 1.24 plus other different blood work results indicate an issue and according to this site I am possibly stage 3?

    my problem is my PCP says I do not have any level of kidney disease and refuses to write me a referral to see a kidney doctor I have been seeing this doctor for about 30 years now and I can?t believe he won?t do anything. Do I have alternatives? My insurance is an open plan so I can see any doctor however a kidney doctor requires a medical referral and that?s where I am running into trouble.

    any suggestions please would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you all in advance

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    Hi, since you have other medical conditions perhaps one of your other doctors would be willing to give a referral. Since you have kidney disease, high blood pressure, those are enough plus your creatine level to be concerned.

    If you have access to My Chart, Tell Your Doctor you want to get all kidney blood tests, then you can follow your numbers, make a copy and bring it to other doctors, request a referral to a renal dietitian for specific foods per your levels.

    Through diet you can manage to keep your current level of function, that choice is yours. There are many websites where information is readily available for a kidney diet, here too.

    Best of luck!


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      You have a lot of health issues so try to avoid spicy things as well as sugary things. Following healthy diet plan and using correct medicines can be very effective for you so try to get thesis help and follow my advice as soon as possible to rejuvenate once again to enjoy the life.


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        Nice post author. Thank you. Keep it up. This article is very informative. It is very useful for me. Kindly share more articles with me. I shall be very thankful to you.
        Sinkoth :-)


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