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Newly Diagnosed with Stage 3 and am Diabetic

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  • Newly Diagnosed with Stage 3 and am Diabetic

    Hi, I've just been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease and I'm a type 2 diabetic. I found this site with free diet recipes and am so thankful that you provide this for free! I'm 59 and on a limited budget so I really appreciate it! This is scary so I want to do everything I can to eat a healthy diet. My doctor has ordered a scan of my kidneys. What I thought was strange is that there was no mention of this diet. I've been searching the internet for info. I do need to lose weight and exercise so I'm making plans to do that. I'm so glad there is a forum to discuss this with other people going thru the same thing so thank you so much! Cindy

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    Hi Cindy yes finding out about ckd is scary in the beginning, in time you will find confidence by following a kidney diet and being proactive with your health and life style. Sounds like you already are making good choices! The best things you can do for yourself are to drink filtered water, avoid any processed packaged foods and meats, and be aware of the amount of protein intake, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium.

    Best of luck!!


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      Also newly diagnosed stage 3 (though not diabetic). I was a eGFR of 92 in January, so no red flags for kidney disease, Since then I have lost 15+ pounds and been improving diet, High blood pressure mainly brought me back 2 months later and for a few other visits . On the most recent visit my eGFR was 49, That was strange so they retested - this time 42. So I went 92, 82, 62, 49,42 in seven months. I think we're now doing an MRI with thoughts that there is a blockage.


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          Hello, I was repeatedly told by my Doctors that I had stage 3 Kidney Disease, and it was only this past May that i was referreed to a kidney Doctor, at his first exam I was at 45% function, After following the suggestions to take my potassium pill because I also take lasix everyother day, and to limit fluids to no more than 6 8 oz cups a day-Iwas at 50 % function: when I asked about a kidney nutritionist referral , he said just avoid I know because of this site there is hope to slow my disease, I am not so sure anymore if I would really want dialysis at 15% of functioning. I need to research and advocate for myself-where i was not aware I needed to.


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