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    Hope all is well.

    My name is Roger and been dealing with CKD for over 25 years.

    Unfortunately, I went on dialysis on 12 June 2020. Apparently, my Creatinine levels shot up to 7.2 and my eGFR went down to10 which was due to the IVIG Infusions treatments for the Myasthenia Gravis which I have and by having Multiple Myeloma didn't help my kidneys either.

    Since the dialysis, I'm feeling much better compare to four weeks ago. Just waiting for my Fistula procedure whereby I can get this Catheter out my neck.

    Anyway, stay strong and keep your head up. You might feel alone at sometimes but don't because you are not.

    Take care and be blessed.

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    I hope you are all fine now.


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      Thanks for sharing this topic! I am also interested in kidney dialysis. I am a student and need some info for my research, but as the topic is quite complicated I am not sure that can type my research paper by myself. I am gonna try for professional writing help. And I will follow the updates on this topic! As I am also interested!
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