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Amoxicillin and stage 3b is it ok

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  • Amoxicillin and stage 3b is it ok

    I'm Vikki I have stage 3b ckd. I have a urinary track infection. I was proscribed 500 mil. 3xd 10days. Is amoxicillin safe with stage 3b?

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    So, you have a valid medical question. Why not ask a doctor instead of a random bunch of yahoos at an online forum?


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      I had the same question and googled it. What I found was that amoxicillin is OK however I would not know about the dosage. I find that general practitioners might not even know some of the specifics about what is and isn't good for those with CKD. If you have a Nephrologist they would be the best person to ask.


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        Hi..I found this website that gives info about amoxicillin, it is processed through the kidneys. If you are drinking 1/2 your body weight in water this will help the kidney flush out the medication more easily. If you feel concerned I'd check with the nephrologist, the dr who prescribed or the pharmacist who filled the prescription.
        This site tells ways you can reduce naturally.
        Take Good Care,ml
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