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    back in september i had routine blood work done and was told i was in kidney failure with creantine level of 4.93. they thought it was from medicines i was on, allipurinol, alleve from time to time and mesathalamine for ulcerative colitis. in november 2019 i had a biopsy which showed acute nephritis with no scarring. they put me on 60 mg of prendisone and my creatine got better but not what it should have been. went to cleveland clinic 1/9/2020 and they think my auto immune disorder is not allowing the prendisone to work. my best creatine level has been 3.07 which comes out to 23 gfr. 2 weeks in a row of blood work were same number. i get blood drawn weekly to monitor level. i'm 45. i have no symptoms. i feel fine. cleveland clinic put me on cell cept to shut down my immune system to allow prendisone to work. i'm getting very worried that i may have reached maximum improvement. has anyone else ever had the same type of issue?

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    Hi Scoots...

    I'm sorry to read of your kidney issues. I'm not too sure about a lot of what you have written, I did look up the medications you mentioned. The alleve is a medication which is called an nsaid, which is processed through the kidney and can cause kidney problems, along with advil, it's better for you kidney to take Tylenol. The allipurinol is for uric acid in your blood and urine...uric acid is a kidney symptom. This is a full page search about how to reduce acid, and make your body more alkaline which is good for the kidney. This is a full page of information on anti inflammatory diet foods. This link describes the effects of allipurinol, one of which is kidney stones and stomach problems...stomach issues are also a symptom of kidney disease. For your ulcerate colitis, an inflammatory and low protein NLRP12 I gather that anti biotics have been given to you to reduce the symptoms of flair up. This link describes the effects, how anti biotics can increase uric acid and kill off gut friendly bacteria in the stomach. Uric acid symptoms are described in this link along with, at the bottom of the page natural ways to reduce uric acid.

    I do hope your nephrologist has referred you to a renal dietitian...if not, I'd ask for a referral and bring your most recent blood test results...they will need this to determine your diet...also a list of the medications you take and illnesses. I'm hoping the dietitian will help you to learn how to eat an anti inflammatory diet. The one thing that I noted in many of the readings was how good gut bacteria was killed in your stomach, a probiotic can be taken to help replace the 'good gut bacteria'.

    I'm hoping with a diet change, natural ways to reduce uric acid and if you are able increase in water, I use a brita gallon jug with filter and exercise your numbers will improve. Please check with your dr Before You Make Any Changes At All.

    Take Good Care, ml


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      I was just diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. I don't know what to do or expect. I have 5 kids and grandma to 12. I'm honestly so scared. If anyone has any advice please share with me. Ty ❤😪


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        I’m new here. I have Stage 3a kidney disease. Also have diabetes type2. I am frustrated trying to combine the two diets. Any suggestions and those out there with both kidney disease and diabetes, what helps your GFR stay stable.