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Large cyst gfr 36.8 from 48.

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  • Large cyst gfr 36.8 from 48.

    Hi my name is vikki. I wanted to know if a cyst could raise my micro albumin? I went from a gfr of 48 to 36.8? The cyst has gotten bigger from my last cat 7 months ago. Could a cyst effect ur kidney function? Microalbumin/creatinine 800

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    Hi Vikki...I tried to find an answer to your question but no luck...I did find this site that gives an explanation of cysts and other related info. I have 3 cysts on my one kidney, dr said not to worry as they are liquid filled. We keep an eye on them, yes they are growing, I get ultra sound once a year to see changes or cat scan.

    The only other thing I found was for test strips that gives the specific name micro albumin and creatinine .

    Take Good Care, ml


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