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    I was diagnosed with ckd in 2018, but was not educated on how serious this disease was i was ckd stage 3, now im in stage end 4 with a clearance of 11 and recently Diagnosed with AKI, im not on dialysis as of yet, for im not having a lot of the systems, but was told i need dialysis in 6 months. Im afraid and wondering what dialysis is best for me, being i have other factors with my health High blood pressure,Diabetes type 2 and congestive heart failure, any encouraging words or information would be appreciated.

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    Hi you got some heavy duty dx's thrown at you all at once!!! I don't know what is in dr's heads about "no concern' at stage 3...I've heard that a lot! So for now your best bet is to get all your most recent blood work together, a referral to a renal/diabetic dietitian to get a meal program set up for you that will also help your heart issues. What you eat can make a Huge difference in your health, also ask if you can walk for exercise with your heart/diabetes conditions. I've put a link below that will give you, I hope some ideas of what to do as far as food is concerned, what you can eat and what to avoid with ckd/diabetes. I'm not sure about fluid intake amount you should be drinking, you might want to call your dr and ask...the kidney is really important to flush out toxins, and your best way to help kidney is to stay Hydrated. I use a gallon brita jug and filter for my water intake...I'm at gfr 26 and try to get in 55oz of water a day..half my body weight.

    This link is about AKI...I do hope the 'encouragement' you reqested will be here, as stated if AKI is treated the kidneys can improve.

    Try to eat a plant based diet with small amount of protein for ckd and low carb for diabetes...and if you can walk for 30 minutes a day that too will help.

    If you have any questions, please post and I'll do my best to find proactive!! to keep your kidney happy!!

    Take Good Care, ml


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