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Breaking down...Urinalysis Test Strips and Half and Half Fingernails 😳🤦*♀️

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  • Breaking down...Urinalysis Test Strips and Half and Half Fingernails 😳🤦*♀️

    Hello everyone! Iíve always known about Davita, but never imagined Iíd be here. I will admit, I have always had a bit of health anxiety; borderline hypochondriac. I have gotten over that for quite some time. It has been years before I spiraled into the abyss of panicking over a perceived illness. However this time, I didnít panic until I seen something a little more concrete.

    It all started when I pay to close attention to my nails. I have noticed they were pale towards my cuticle (Iím sure some Iíd you have seen this). I knew the nails were an indicator of health so I decided to look it up. Based on what I read, it could be my kidneys and my liver. So I decided to purchase a 14 perimeter home your analysis.

    I went through each of the tests (used a pipette and tested each perimeter one by one), I noticed that everything was normalÖ Until I got to the creatinine and the microalbumin. When I first tested twice in the afternoon, they both showed the lightest color of not normal for creatine and microabumin. Then later on that day when I tested again, twice, they both were the darkest colors on the strip, and this was hours apart. Between my nails and that test strip, I know it was time for me to come here. Iíve been praying and talking to God, but I knew it was time to also get support from people who experience this.

    I will be calling my doctor tomorrow to make an appointment to find out what went wrong. I was mildly hypertensive for a few years, but Iíve managed to keep my blood pressure normal for over a year. Iím trying to prepare myself in advance, as I know thereís absolutely no reason for those two test both to read high. Iím super duper scared. I am married and have 2 kids and Iím trying not to replay the thought of leaving them. But thatís why am here, because I know if others can get through this, I can too.
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