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    Hello all you brave people - I am a 68 year old woman, living my dream in the country with horses and other critters - I went into the hospital Nov. 3 with a staph infection on my foot - I thought it was gout...the puncture was between my toes and I did not see it...After Vancamyacin and 2 MRI's with galadium my kidneys shut down...After a month in the hospital I came home with Stage 3b kidney disease....I was strong and healthy before - never smoked, drank very rarely, not diabetic...worked on this farm alone for 13 years - felt invulnerable....and now this....I hope I can learn from ya'll how to keep living on my own, taking care of my animals, etc....

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    Well Bless Your Heart You Woman Of Substance!!!! Not far behind you as I'm closer to 67 than I'd like! Just to let you know, through diet and hydration, filtered water...I use a brita gallon can keep your kidney happy. You didn't mention your gfr level, that's the number that gives you the 3b status...if its around 30 don't have any mri's with contrast...I doubt you'll be having galadium again!

    I do hope you have some help for the farm!! after a month in hospital it's going to take time to build up strength and stamina again...especially now with ckd. If your nephrologist didn't suggest this to you...ask for a referral to a renal dietitian and a copy of all your blood work....the dietitian can give you a diet based on your kidney function level.

    It's a pain, but calculating your potassium, phosphorous, sodium are huge factors in kidney health, drinking water is at the top of the list...1/2 your body weight. And for your aches and pain, no more advil or motrin, only tylenol as the other two hurt your kidney. There is So Much information on the web, it's best to check with your dr about all medications in the future..or ask your pharmacist how they effect the kidney.

    The below link gives a general ckd list of what 'might' happen. If you have any questions I'll do my best to find answers for you. From the start, being proactive with your kidney health is right up there with drinking water!!

    Take Good Care, ml



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      Hello! My heart hurts for you and I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s scary to wake up and realize who you were before (healthy, free,etc) has been somewhat altered. I am new here too, and although I do not have all the facts of the extent of what’s going on with my kidneys yet, I am preparing myself ahead of time. I grew up on a ranch and love horses so much, so I know that you can’t imagine changing the lifestyle that you’ve loved for so long. I keep you in my prayers and wish you the very best. I hope you keep enjoying the things you love the most and don’t let this stop you!


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