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    I am 69 year old living with lupus and kidney disease 41 years. I just want to connect with others for support and ideas. Am in stage 3b and have done well overall. It helps to receive feedback from others who have experiences to share.

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    I sure would like you to share Your Story of keeping in stage 3b """for 41 Years!!"" I have one kidney and am fluctuating in 3b and 4.

    Take Good Care, ml


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      Hi My name is Marilyn and I am in stage 4 kidney disease. My gfr is 17 and am trying to decide when to have my fistula done Surgeon says now, vein mapper says wait until you start to feel really sick, kidney dr. says 6 months. What to do?


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        Hi Marilyn

        We are all different and don't know how long you've been at gfr 17....are you on a renal diet? I was really sick and dehydrated and my gfr went down to 17, and now up into high 20's and low 30's. Diet and fluids are Huge, you might??? be able to get your gfr up...if you have any questions I'll be happy to do my best to answer, either post or send me a message.
        Take Good Care, ml


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