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Stage 4 and newly diagnosed

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  • Stage 4 and newly diagnosed

    I just found out i have stage 4 kidney disease. Now what ??? Im having a sever gout attack. When i went to the doctors they told me my diagnosis. I was shocked. This is all brand new. Can someone point me the right direction. Im so overwhelmed Im lost

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    Hi very sorry for the reason you are here...yes, being diagnosed is scary and overwhelming. Sadly not too much is said in the dr's office about what or where to find help to keep your kidney working as best as you can. I've found I've needed to be a strong advocate for myself.

    I'd offer first to obtain all your most recent blood work, ask for a referal to a renal dietitian...they will need the blood work results to give you a guide line of what to eat, amounts etc...This for me was The Best thing I did for my kidney health.

    When seeing the dietitian be sure to tell about the gout symptoms so they can address this much of what we eat influences the degree of health, and recovery of kidney function can happen.

    If you are not drinking 1/2 your body weight in water, this is a good place to start to help flush out toxins from the kidney...kind of yucky, but if you don't have bowel movements daily, you are probably dehydrated as this is where the kidney's pull water from. I don't know how much water you drink a day...I drink filtered water, per nephrologist...I don't buy water in bottles...too expensive and I don't like plastic waste. I have a gallon britia jug.

    In the 'just dx'd with stage 3 kidney disease I'm going to do a write up today about stage 4 and gout info....I try to write stuff as I find .... if you have any questions, please do post or you can message questions are stupid!

    I wish you the Best, and Happy Thanksgiving! ml


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      Hi. I too, have stage 4 ckd with a 20% function. I just don't know where to start or what questions to ask. My doctor gives no advice just drink water and come back every 3 months with labs.


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        Hi Denise

        Sorry to read of your new found ckd diagnosis. You are right, I too when dx'd found my nephrologist lacking in the 'helping' department. If you are seeing a primary care dr, then you will want to get a nephrologist they specialize in kidney disease. Next, ask who ever saw you to refer you to a renal dietitian, I saw one at my local hospital. I'd also ask to see a urologist who specializes in kidneys since your grf is quite low. Don't loose hope!!! You can bring your numbers up with a firm kidney diet and drinking filtered water, I use a brita gallon jug and filter. Keeping hydrated is a Huge Factor in kidney health needed for functioning, try to get in 1/2 your body weight each day...starting early and little to no water after 6/7 pm to avoid trips to br during the night..

        Here are a few of the things I learned from my dietitian. First no processed foods, boxes, even deli meats and cheese are processed. When ever possible choose organic foods. Stop eating red meat. Reduce dairy products. If I were you I'd stop eating protein beyond 30grams per day...I'm at 27-29 grf and I can have 40grams per day.I try to buy organic luttuce, the rest of my veggies I wash with a scrubber sponge and dish soap really well and rinse even better Eggs have 6grams, a serving of 1/2 can of tuna has 11grams, and 2 slices of bread usually has 3grams so you see how things can add up fast....veggies and fruits too have protein.

        If you have Any Questions At All, please do ask in 'just dx'd with stage 3 kidney disease, or send me a message, I'll do my best to help!! I have one kidney and I've been as low as 17grf and as high as 32, and my function at 17 was when I was very sick, with the right diet and protein intake I've managed to stay in the high 20's and low 30's...there is hope

        Take Good Care, ml

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          PS Denise, watch your sodium, potassium and intake phosphrus, per my dietitan I'm allowed 1000mg per day.


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