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Diet plan help

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  • Diet plan help

    I am new on here and would like help in planning my diet sheet, what foods I can have.
    I have stage 3b, not been given any advice on food.
    Any help be appreciated

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    Hi Carole

    The best route for getting a 'specific' diet plan for your kidney health is to ask for a referral to a 'renal dietitian' from your nephrologist.
    Then ask the nephrologist for a print out of all your most recent blood work done.
    Bring all the blood work to your apt with dietitian, your bun, createnine, gfr levels will determine how much potassium, phosphorus and protein you can eat.
    Potassium, phosphorus and protein regulation, along with drinking 1/2 your body weight in filtered water per day will keep your kidney happy

    Everything right now is scary, I've been there. The best way to keep your kidney health is to be proactive. Read around Davita and you'll no doubt find others who are wearing the same shoes....I try to write info on kidney health and if you have any questions just post, or you can send me a pm and I'll do my best to help.
    Best to you, ml


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      I agree with everything posted above except for the water consumption - that seems really excessive.......afraid I might drown.


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        Hi Kragaffney...

        Yes 1/2 body weight in water does sound like an over load....
        7 years out of cancer surgery and having only one kidney, at stage 3b, and having been as low as 17% functioning level, hydration has been a key factor to keeping my kidney functioning, I've learned that hydration is the #1 way to keeping my kidney functioning.

        Yes, when I started out, I was in the br all day and all night and at times did feel like I'd float away a lot of weird looks too carrying around a purple 1 gallon jug too!

        Take care, ml


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          I try now to get all my fluids in before 8pm, with a midnight does help with br trips


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