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Kidney disease, stage4

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  • Kidney disease, stage4

    Want to learn more experiences about stage 4

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    Hello, I have stage 4 CKD and have a GFR of 21. I am 74 in good health other than the CKD. MY GFR went from 25 to 21 in about 9 mouths this least year. I may need to get a transplant and my wife is 68 and will be my donor should I need one. I am have questions for those of you who have had a transplant and what the side effects are, how do you feel, how do the anti-rejection drugs affect you, how long since you had the transplant and how do you feel, etc. Did you have a family donor, how do they feel


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      I've read that you are both in stage 4 ckd.
      769158, do you know your gfr level? If so could you post.

      tj062245, I don't know any of your medical history. What I do know is that your diet, hydration level and exercise ALL can increase your kidney function.

      My kidney, I have only 1 went down to 17% gfr level. I was very sick with a tick bite and was in the hospital for a week. When leaving the hospital with "diet and hydration" my gfr went from 17% to 30%, and on my last ckd blood work it had risen to 32%gfr.

      For both of you, if you have not seen a renal dietitian, ask your nephrologist to see one, bring ALL your most recent blood work lab slips...if you don't have them, ask for a copy from your dr's office....based on your bun, createnine, and gfr level you will get a diet specific to your gfr level for creating kidney health.

      My b est to you both! ml


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