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    Hi. My name is Lisa and I'm new to the forum. I have Diabetes Type 2 and CKD3. I have not been in any diabetes med. For approx. The past 3 years. It's been a struggle to keep my HA1C at a constant 5.7. I was on Metformin for years. 3 years ago is when I moved to another state and just going into stage 3 and they couldn't get me off Metformin fast enough. They felt it bad for my kidneys. I have gone from 149lbs. to 112.8. Struggling to gain weight. I need information. I'm going to beg my Dr. 1st. To see an endocrinologist. My Dr. Was happy with my weight at 125. I'm 5'5". Healthy weight. But my appetite is poor, no interest in food, nothing really tastes good. there anyone else out there who is not on diabetic med. For type2 diabetes and has to follow such a strict diet to keep B.S. down plus watch because of kidney disease and is losing weight? My internist says if I show a trace of protein in my urine 1 more time he'll send me to a Nephrologist. I've only had that once. We have the State ins.

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    Hi Marie and Welcome

    I'm very surprised that your gp has not already referred you to a nephrologist. I would ask for one since you have protein in your urine. Also, a nephrologist will do all the blood tests that pertain to kidney function. As for diabetes, well I don't know much about that. I do have a friend who was diabetic and changed her diet to plant based eating only meats and she is no longer diabetic. I'd also suggest once once you see a nephrologist, and have your blood work done....ask for a copy of your blood work results in the office...then ask for a referal to a renal dietitian...bring All your blood work results. The renal dietitian will give you a diet based on your numbers. Our kidney's are Amazing...with diet, good hydration (drink 1/2 your body weight in water)...don't include caffeine or cola you can increase your kidney function!

    Curious as to why you would need to "beg" your gp to see an endocrinologist? In any case, perhaps your thyroid is out of whack, that could be causing your weight issues...something to get checked.

    Here is a full web search for HAiC info

    As for eating, I too have lost considerable weight 135 down to 112. I am tired alot and I've no ambition by the end of the day to make meals. What I've found that helps me is to purchase chicken...mainly only meat I eat...cook the whole package and then freeze. Or buy a dozen eggs and boil them all...same, eggs salad, or sandwich..easy fast stuff as I'm single. This way I don't have to "make" a meal, salad with lots of veggies and I'm good to go. Things like hummus with veggies are a good snack food. You'll want to watch your potassium, phosphorus, sodium intake. I don't eat Any processed foods.

    I wish you the best...if you have any question, please do post!!

    Take care, ml


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