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Just learned I have Stage 3 CKD

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  • Hi All....

    Well here we are at the beginning of another week! Only a week and a few days away from Thanksgiving. So I'm all about food in planning what to have for my son and me...he is overweight and me and keeping my kidney happy.

    To help by not getting a Huge Turkey, I'm going to the deli and getting two slices of turkey, or a small chicken to roast...don't forget to remove the skin, ya I know, one of the best parts! As for veggies, to get the most nutritional value...don't boil...below is a full page search about cooking and loss of nutritional value. I'm going to start off with a salad with my son's favorite, baby cukes, and assorted veggies. So I'm thinking how the heck can I make a gravy without a bird...well despite my 'no processed foods' I'm going with MaCormics(sp) Brown less sodium gravy packet and adding saute mushrooms and onions and I'll let the turkey heat up in the gravy. Now for sides...well got to have stuffing, so I'm going to make those 'seasoned salad croutons, and mash them up with a bit of olive oil, and add some saute onions, small garlic clove, and maybe mushrooms, apples?....thinking that will be ok with a touch of gravy. Below is another link for low protein, phosphorus and potassium foods to pick what works best for you and meal suggestions for a month.

    That's all I got for today to help keep our kidney Happy and some suggestions for Turkey Day that I'll be doing...still working on desert, dear son is allergic to pumpkin so no pumpkin pie!

    Take Good Care!!! ml

    Low Potassium:

    Low Phosphorus:

    Meals for a month:

    Protein Foods:

    Fruits and veggies:


    • ​Hi All!!

      Wow! Where does time go...I can't believe I've not posted in 9 days!! I do declare the older I get the more flaky I get with remembering days and dates...guess that comes from being not fun! Anywho, I thought I'd write about some areas that I struggle with during the holidays where Emotions Directly Effect My Eating...Oh Lordy, anxiety that everything will be cooked on time, taste good, be served hot and....the challenges of 'other moods/behaviors' that I've no control over and need to zip my mouth!

      Even the grocery shop is hard for me, another anxiety of What To Buy, impulse items...more times than not sweet by the time of first stepping out the door, I do my best to have a specific list of what to buy...this helps me to stay focused and I can zip around in and out. The next area is good tasting food, hot...well this year it's just my son and years past I used to spend Hours Cooking...dear son would "inhale his food"" in less that 20-25 minutes...this includes about make me crazy! So now I've got to the point of no fuss no muss dinners....I bought a cooked rotisserie chicken, packaged low sodium brown gravy(with saute mushrooms and onions) and frozen veggies.I'll make fresh asparagras and mashed potato and an apple pie from scratch. So now, we have a really nice visit, no stress dinner as I can make everything in advance and just heat up.

      Here comes the Hard Part...calculating my protein level....well, if nothing else I try to have a salad with dinner, use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate, and a 2"slice of pie instead of a 3-4 inch slice of pie I'm writing this so you will not feel alone with your struggling to stick to your diet...Dec 4th I'm going to a nutrition talk about how Not To Over Eat during the holiday...wish it could have included Thanksgiving, but grateful at least I'll get some ideas for Christmas...and share them too

      In the coming days I'm going to be writing more on the below links as I've had some symptoms myself and some of my friends are experiencing other areas of health challenges.

      Wishing You All A Happy Calm Thanksgiving!!! I'm very grateful for having Davita come into my life!!!

      Take Good Care You and make your kidney happy ml

      CKD and Leg Cramps:

      CKD and Restless Legs:

      Uric Acid and gout:




      • Hi All!!

        Hoping you had a Great Thanksgiving....I did and managed to eat a bit of everything on a small salad plate...yes ate some stuff not supposed to, but heck, sometimes ya just got to do ??? then get back on the band wagon

        The above is no longer true...I Have To Get Back On Strict Kidney Diet! I saw my Urologist yesterday and I'm not happy with the condition of my one kidney, at the moment gfr is at 29, this is due in large part to getting sick three times in October...testing done mid November. On the other side of the coin what I learned yesterday was alarming to me, I was at 37 gfr last year at the same time. The four cyts are still pretty much the same, a new addition, kidney stone. I've been drinking 1.2 my body weight in water, well now Urologist said to drink more than that so upping to 64oz of filtered water per day. I do know in general what is ok, I'm on a diet of 1000mg of phosphorus and potassium, salt I'm doing ok there but I don't really season with salt, and protein I'm at 40g per day..

        In the post above I wrote that I'd be doing some searching around for some answers....restless legs is the one for today...I'm going batty with my legs doing marathons at night! ​So here is the skinny on rls, Sadly this is a symptom of kidney disease so I guess I'll have to deal with it. With the latest bout, seems when I'm anxious it's more prominent and becomes stronger the longer I stay in bed if I'm not able to fall asleep ... lots of tossing and turning. Another factor is not enough iron in the body, I am anemia as I've got two areas which I can do something about to reduce symptoms...getting up and reading until I'm tired and getting more iron in my foods. Ya know how I'm always harping on water and hydration, well that's another cause of rls. ""Stay hydrated. RLS can be aggravated by dehydration from a lack of water intake. ... High levels of chronic daily stress can cause headaches, jaw tightness, shoulder tightness, neck pain, and of course, restless legs."" Could write a nasty word, not going to but I Have All Of The Above! Ugh! Gett'n ole aint for sissies.

        Bananas in the world of ckd are a No No....on the other side of the coin there are so many health benefits of bananas that I'll be asking my new nephrologist...yes I left the practice I was at...ugh! and found by Great Fortune my Urologist has added a nephrologist to his practice...I have an apt on Thursday and will be asking him if I can add half a banana a day to my diet as the nutritional values will help with many 'sick' symptoms I have on a daily basis.

        Restless Leg:

        Cantalope Whole: ntalope&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l7.7847j1j7&sourceid=ch rome&ie=UTF-8
        Cantalope serving:

        Six steps to controling High Potassium:


        Davita Health Kidney Foods:

        That's all for today, I'm building up my list of questions for Thursday!

        Take Good Care! ml


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