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Just learned I have Stage 3 CKD

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  • Hi All....

    Well here we are at the beginning of another week! Only a week and a few days away from Thanksgiving. So I'm all about food in planning what to have for my son and me...he is overweight and me and keeping my kidney happy.

    To help by not getting a Huge Turkey, I'm going to the deli and getting two slices of turkey, or a small chicken to roast...don't forget to remove the skin, ya I know, one of the best parts! As for veggies, to get the most nutritional value...don't boil...below is a full page search about cooking and loss of nutritional value. I'm going to start off with a salad with my son's favorite, baby cukes, and assorted veggies. So I'm thinking how the heck can I make a gravy without a bird...well despite my 'no processed foods' I'm going with MaCormics(sp) Brown less sodium gravy packet and adding saute mushrooms and onions and I'll let the turkey heat up in the gravy. Now for sides...well got to have stuffing, so I'm going to make those 'seasoned salad croutons, and mash them up with a bit of olive oil, and add some saute onions, small garlic clove, and maybe mushrooms, apples?....thinking that will be ok with a touch of gravy. Below is another link for low protein, phosphorus and potassium foods to pick what works best for you and meal suggestions for a month.

    That's all I got for today to help keep our kidney Happy and some suggestions for Turkey Day that I'll be doing...still working on desert, dear son is allergic to pumpkin so no pumpkin pie!

    Take Good Care!!! ml

    Low Potassium:

    Low Phosphorus:

    Meals for a month:

    Protein Foods:

    Fruits and veggies:


    • ​Hi All!!

      Wow! Where does time go...I can't believe I've not posted in 9 days!! I do declare the older I get the more flaky I get with remembering days and dates...guess that comes from being not fun! Anywho, I thought I'd write about some areas that I struggle with during the holidays where Emotions Directly Effect My Eating...Oh Lordy, anxiety that everything will be cooked on time, taste good, be served hot and....the challenges of 'other moods/behaviors' that I've no control over and need to zip my mouth!

      Even the grocery shop is hard for me, another anxiety of What To Buy, impulse items...more times than not sweet by the time of first stepping out the door, I do my best to have a specific list of what to buy...this helps me to stay focused and I can zip around in and out. The next area is good tasting food, hot...well this year it's just my son and years past I used to spend Hours Cooking...dear son would "inhale his food"" in less that 20-25 minutes...this includes about make me crazy! So now I've got to the point of no fuss no muss dinners....I bought a cooked rotisserie chicken, packaged low sodium brown gravy(with saute mushrooms and onions) and frozen veggies.I'll make fresh asparagras and mashed potato and an apple pie from scratch. So now, we have a really nice visit, no stress dinner as I can make everything in advance and just heat up.

      Here comes the Hard Part...calculating my protein level....well, if nothing else I try to have a salad with dinner, use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate, and a 2"slice of pie instead of a 3-4 inch slice of pie I'm writing this so you will not feel alone with your struggling to stick to your diet...Dec 4th I'm going to a nutrition talk about how Not To Over Eat during the holiday...wish it could have included Thanksgiving, but grateful at least I'll get some ideas for Christmas...and share them too

      In the coming days I'm going to be writing more on the below links as I've had some symptoms myself and some of my friends are experiencing other areas of health challenges.

      Wishing You All A Happy Calm Thanksgiving!!! I'm very grateful for having Davita come into my life!!!

      Take Good Care You and make your kidney happy ml

      CKD and Leg Cramps:

      CKD and Restless Legs:

      Uric Acid and gout:




      • Hi All!!

        Hoping you had a Great Thanksgiving....I did and managed to eat a bit of everything on a small salad plate...yes ate some stuff not supposed to, but heck, sometimes ya just got to do ??? then get back on the band wagon

        The above is no longer true...I Have To Get Back On Strict Kidney Diet! I saw my Urologist yesterday and I'm not happy with the condition of my one kidney, at the moment gfr is at 29, this is due in large part to getting sick three times in October...testing done mid November. On the other side of the coin what I learned yesterday was alarming to me, I was at 37 gfr last year at the same time. The four cyts are still pretty much the same, a new addition, kidney stone. I've been drinking 1.2 my body weight in water, well now Urologist said to drink more than that so upping to 64oz of filtered water per day. I do know in general what is ok, I'm on a diet of 1000mg of phosphorus and potassium, salt I'm doing ok there but I don't really season with salt, and protein I'm at 40g per day..

        In the post above I wrote that I'd be doing some searching around for some answers....restless legs is the one for today...I'm going batty with my legs doing marathons at night! ​So here is the skinny on rls, Sadly this is a symptom of kidney disease so I guess I'll have to deal with it. With the latest bout, seems when I'm anxious it's more prominent and becomes stronger the longer I stay in bed if I'm not able to fall asleep ... lots of tossing and turning. Another factor is not enough iron in the body, I am anemia as I've got two areas which I can do something about to reduce symptoms...getting up and reading until I'm tired and getting more iron in my foods. Ya know how I'm always harping on water and hydration, well that's another cause of rls. ""Stay hydrated. RLS can be aggravated by dehydration from a lack of water intake. ... High levels of chronic daily stress can cause headaches, jaw tightness, shoulder tightness, neck pain, and of course, restless legs."" Could write a nasty word, not going to but I Have All Of The Above! Ugh! Gett'n ole aint for sissies.

        Bananas in the world of ckd are a No No....on the other side of the coin there are so many health benefits of bananas that I'll be asking my new nephrologist...yes I left the practice I was at...ugh! and found by Great Fortune my Urologist has added a nephrologist to his practice...I have an apt on Thursday and will be asking him if I can add half a banana a day to my diet as the nutritional values will help with many 'sick' symptoms I have on a daily basis.

        Restless Leg:

        Cantalope Whole: ntalope&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l7.7847j1j7&sourceid=ch rome&ie=UTF-8
        Cantalope serving:

        Six steps to controling High Potassium:


        Davita Health Kidney Foods:

        That's all for today, I'm building up my list of questions for Thursday!

        Take Good Care! ml


        • YaaaaHoooooooooie!!!

          Hi All...oh boy I was scared, I thought I'd been banned from Davita because of my posts!!! I've so missed posting! For me, since my son left home I've felt very lost, and still do...even more so now that the cold winter days are here...I miss my gardens. Oh well, those spring days will be here soon . I find the older I get the faster time goes by...months not so much the days. I've been working hard to finish John's blanket, I'd hoped to have all three panels sewn by now, but still knitting the third panel...I do think it will be completed today.

          Sooooo I've been lost in the world of netflix as I knit. Food is the topic most on my mind these days. The documentaries I've been watching are very confusing where food is concerned, one area in particular is the FDA. According to the site, only 18% of their budget is on 'food' while 33% of their budget is on 'drugs'....humm. Another area of concern is the lack of funding on food vs. tobacco...3.9 vs 11.6???? Everyone knows that smoking is not good for health and can possibly lead to cancer. My question is if we/gov. knows this then why is 9 billion dollars being spent on tobacco instead of making food, specifically the way food is grown and meats of all types of live stock are cared for and fed!

          I've not quite got there yet, still I'm leaning more towards a vegetarian diet, "Whole Foods Plant Based Diet". I'll need to go to my dietitian for specifics based on my last blood work for CKD....gfr at 29.68...down from 32gfr. One of the areas that I've not been too focused on if 'fiber', according to what I've read, a women's diet daily should have 25grams and men 38 grams. Some fruits with the highest fiber content and veggies with the highest fiber content. More info on WFPD (Whole Foods Plant Diet) can be found, along with recipies in Forks Over Knives. On netflix there is a documantary on FOK's and the changes in medical health, one woman who was type 2 diabetic was able to come off her medications! While watching and reading I've come across a lot of different 'toxin hype' and how to detox the body as well as the kidney. Now I'm not too sure about all this stuff but posting a full web page...a definite Check With Your Nephrologist!! before trying!!! There is lots of stuff on Utube as well...Way Too Much!

          So glad to be back!!!
          Take Good Care ml

          Fiber Foods:

          Kidney Cleanse:


          • Hi All!!!

            Once again so happy to be able to post again!!! Woke very late today, up a couple of times last night and Chachi wanting to come under covers was a challenge to say the least! I'm still struggling to get the last panel of John's blanket finished...Definitely Today!! His Big Christmas gift arrived today so that is a Huge relief!!!

            Any who, by the time I'd had my synthroid it was lunch time so this is what I ate...I'd had 30oz of water by then, 1c coffee...working on my second one now , 2 free range eggs, 1/2 cup red bell pep and 1/2 onion saute in olive oil/butter...yumooooo. Because I'm eating so late, I'll just have two apples mid day for my lunch and 1 tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter/1 tablespoon of almond butter. Looking at butter's I'm leaning more towards almond butter, I do like the crunch and I've not found any with the nuts, so I think I'll be chopping very fine 1 cup of non-salt almonds. For dinner tonight it's tuna salad with 1 shredded carrot and one large celery stalk on top of some lettuce.

            I'm posting all the nutrition links below...A Lot and Lots Of Looking Up. I'm taking into consideration saturated fat, fiber, protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus. My nutritional numbers are 40g of protein, 1000mg of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. The link for celery has on the bottom Lots Of Veggies you can get nutrition facts. This is Just Nuts!!! The nutrition for Red Leaf Lettuce!!!!

            Onion 1/2 cup cooked: how+much+protein+in+half+medium+onion&aqs=chrome.. 69i57.9532j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
            Red Bell Pepper 1/2 cup cooked:
            Red apples (1):
            1 cup almonds:
            Almond butter vs. Peanut butter:
            Tuna Info:
            Tuna Nutrition:,528267/
            Red Leaf Lettuce:,528267/
            All Different Types of Luttuce:

            ordy...this took a Long Time!! Glad I did it for just One Food...The Red Lettuce!!!

            Have a wonderful and happy kidney day!!!
            Take Good Care, ml


            • Hi All!!

              How are you I'm kind of bitting my finger nails in prep for Christmas...I have my son "landing" at home on Monday...have Much To Do before that. Not too sure how my body is going to move, hurt my back reaching for something, oh well, push on!

              I've never really looked into this, just started to watch my intake. I'll be posting the links below. I'd like to learn more about the why/what does this do about sodium, phosphorus, and potassium...Bicarbonate Soda I've been taking for years due to vomiting, it's the only thing that really stops the urge. I've recently learned this can have a good effect with ckd...Be Sure To Check With Your Nephrologist as there are some people who could create more illness if taken.. This link, Is So Full Of Info about diet.

              I'm not sure if I posted this link or not, it's a starter info about plant based diet.

              Baking Soda:

              Just for fun, not sure if all do apply

              I gots to get my butt in gear...

              Hoping you'll have a great kidney day!!!

              Take Good Care, ml


              • Hi All!!

                Well here we are in the 'count down' until dear son is chomping at the bit to start ripping open his gifts!! Me, well I'm behind as usual, haven't wrapped One gift yet. I've managed to finish all three panels for his blanket, plus do another 2" of trim on top and bottom...still have 5 more to go, then sew all three panels and Done!!! At the end of my day, dinner done, dishes washed and am ready for bed...ole *'s only 6:45 pm!! Guess it's cause a lot of running around today. Beautiful crazy temp of 51 degrees in CT...oh I just Loved It! Almost got outside to do some yard work, but my body didn't cooperate

                Posting today about 'stuff'

                Basic Kidney Info:

                New To Renal Diet:

                Got the holiday gggggggrrrrrrrrrr challenges with "Everything"

                Healthy foods for indigestion:
       0Email&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=generalhealth &utm_content=2018-09-11

                The Wonderful Apple


                7 Ways to keep your kidney Happy!


                My Best to you all for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

                Take Good Care, ml

                ps, I just came across this article, How To Beat The Holiday Blues...hard time of year for many, me included.

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                • Good Morning All

                  To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas! and a continuing Happy Hanukkah!


                  • Same to you as well...


                    • Hi All!!!

                      Happy what a Long Update Davita had...I made a post day before yesterday and Lost It, hit the dang wrong key...ugh!!! Life in CT has been full of 'nothing' except hibernation and cold. Really glad to write that the weather hasn't been bad...only 3 times so far this year for a touch of 3"...I like that cause it's kind of hard to shovel.

                      I hope your Christmas was a good one, I finally did finish knitting my dear 'brat' son's blanket. New Year for us was quiet and now holiday is finished and the decorations are to be put away for another year. I don't often make a New Year resuscitation, but this year I'm changing the word resuscitation to 'Goal'. My life in general since my dear son left home has gone astray not knowing how to pick up and move on to find something worthwhile. I spend a lot of time on my computer and my life suffers for the hours wasted...watching silly stuff, not doing this I decided to work towards a new daily routine, no computer until 4pm. I'll be setting my alarm for 8am and give myself an hour to use computer then the "mouse" goes out to my car and I'll do a twice around walk where I live, home for breakfast and plan out what I want to achieve during the day.

                      Today's posts are about motivation when depressed. I started taking zoloft for my depression about 1.5 months ago, I've still lost my mojo. Lots of reasons for my lacking in motivation, I just don't want my days to slip away anymore. Move a muscle and change a thought. Not sure what all I'll be posting today, I am posting with Faith and Hope for all of us to find a way to purpose and meaning in our lives as well do our best to keep a 'Happy Kidney". With that in mind, well I'll be putting up the links and hope ya all will find something that helps!

                      Take Good Care, ml

                      Slowing Down CKD:
                      Mental Health:
                      Carbs Cause of Being Tired:
                      Lower Cholesterol
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                      • Hi All!

                        Here we are at the TGIS end of the week. Yes, a week beyond 2020, not too long to start a new itsy bitsy life change. For many years, too many in fact, procrastination has lead me down the path of overwhelmed insanity about many areas in my resolutions. just one Big Change and that is staying off the computer from 10am to 4pm M-F. There is much to do inside and outside my house and I really need to push on to get a handle so I can feel better.

                        Today I'm in Low Energy as I really pushed myself yesterday, so apologizing for the double post, my brain is not functioning well and my eyes are trying to close. Some of the links might be redundant , or perhaps they will help, as they did for me as a reminder of what to do, what not to do to keep my kidney Happy I hope you'll all have a Great Weekend!!!


                        Take Good Care, ml


                        • Hi All!!

                          It's a crazy warm day in CT!! 61 degrees, tomorrow it's supposed to be 47 degrees, go figure. Such terrible weather in South, volcano eruptions and the terrible situation going on in Australia with fires. One wonders what is keeping people from actually believing the earth needs to be focused on and healed of the terrible toxins that are creating the dangerous changes.

                          Quite frankly I'm concerned with the food I eat and try to buy organic when I can...for fruits and veggies, yes, a bit nuts, I fill a bowl with dish detergent and water and wash everything...just feel the skin on an apple prior to washing, then soap and scrub, there is a Huge difference! I think I wrote a while back about trying to get more fiber in my diet and now eating two apples per day.

                          I'm going to be posting today on ways to build up the immune system since we are heading into the flu season. I don't get a flu shot, I've got such a strong reaction afterwards, and knock on wood I've managed to not get the flu for several years. Like I tell my son, keep your hands clean and away from your face...I also use those wipes that stores now offer sometimes prior to using carts. Works for me

                          There are a couple of vitamins which are really important for us, along with our renal diet program to keep our kidney happy with ckd. Our immune system, bone and muscle strength need to be monitored, as well as our red blood cells to prevent anemia. It's really important as well to get amino 3 acid along with an alkaline diet. My last blood test showed that my phosphorus level was at 4.6, the level ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 mg/dl the medical term is hyperkalemia. So along with trying to get my gfr level from 27 back up I've got to lower my potassium level as well, so I've posted some info about lowering potassium, sodium and phosphorous.

                          I've also got a few links about plant based do need to watch out for potassium/phosphorus in them though






                          Have a Great Rest of Your Sunday!!

                          Take Good Care, ml


                          • Hi All!!

                            Ah, closing in on mid January and waiting for the same for February...I'm So Ready for consistent warm weather! Oh well, I can't really complain a bit since this winter has had such little snow fall! Crazy ole woman that I am, per my dr's 'get outside' well I did that today. My fall cleanup was not completed to put my gardens to bed, or getting rid of weeds, so I did that today. I also got another gift as I was outside, one of my neighbors was walking and we were talking...long and short she walks daily..weird that I've not seen her, so I'll be joining her tomorrow...itsy bitsy steps to get off the couch!!!/computer!!!

                            My ramblings around the web today for kidney help, I feel quite excited about...Probiotics! as a way to reduce urea in non-dialysis ckd patients...ya hooooiiieeee one more thing to add to my diet! Lately I've not had much appitite, energy, not sleeping much either. I do have to admit that I'm not forcing myself to eat, which probably would a good move. My other problem is that I'm awake so much of the night...up and's cold in the am, so I feed my cat, pop morning pills and back to bed, sometimes sleeping to noon so I'll miss breakfast...ugh

                            Another issue brought up by a new member is 'itching'...dry skin and itching are familiar with me, so I've put some info about that too...I thank God for my back scratcher! I learned another area that can harm our kidneys, right up there with certain medications, called Nephrotoxicity. The site is a bit challenging to read, but it gives a listing diseases by name and the toxic medication that might cause more kidney damage.

                            As always, Please Check With Your Dr before adding or changing you diet/medications




                            16 Drugs That Hurt Kidneys:


                            On to mid week Wednesday Hump Day...hope your's will be ??? Good!

                            Take Good Care, ml


                            • Hi All!!!

                              Wow and Wow again a very long shut down of forum...I've missed doing my posts and frankly a bit peeved with Davita's web management. Oh well, can't do anything about their web methods, so I'll be grateful we've got our forums back!!

                              Over the past couple of weeks, I'm struggling to get through each energy is really bad and so is my mental health...mid winter abyss. I can't say I don't have reasons, I've been sick a couple of times, so my hydration is not where it should be. My sleep is off, either wake all night or sleeping 10-12hrs and I know I'm not doing all that great with my diet .... just gets really hard some times to keep up with all the ""everythings"".... I know I'm not alone in this funk, people who are not dealing with ckd, or those who deal with far worse illnesses, and people who have no illnesses go through their times of "it" knocking them down...good thing though is my ability to get back up again and stepping.

                              I know an amazing woman on line who's had a life of trauma, she got hit bad, really bad again when she lost her son and his wife Sept. 21, and now has three babies...9months, 4 years and 6 years she is responsible for...she is 65 years old!! I of ten think of her when I'm feeling 'tired'...for me, I think my tired comes more from not having Enough to do with purpose and meaning...there are lots of things I could be doing and just don't do them...bad on me for that which just adds to my mental being in the dumps.

                              I've also learned my son, 23 now has type 2 diabetes, and lupus anticoagulant disease which really threw me for a loop, as he is so young and now a huge possibility that he will be on blood thinners for life. I've been on his case for years to loose weight, get off his butt and exercise, well I've stopped trying and that is So Hard for a Mother to let go and know that there is nothing to say or do to help her's up to him, his life and the way he wants to live.

                              I'll be seeing my new nephrologist the second week of Feb, and I'm hoping, but will not be surprised if my kidney function has not improved, just hope it's not gone lower. I'm toying with the idea of going for IV fluids. I am getting a bit tired of my 'routine' foods so I went searching for a new cereal to eat and found that Cheerios, plain is much healthier than many other cereals for the specific "iron" amount...I'm anemic so this is an important factor in my diet.
                              This website gives Lots Of Info on grocery and eating out foods

                              That's all I got for today...I've missed posting and looking forward to digging into the web for new info to keep our kidney's happy!!!

                              Take Good Care, ml


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