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Life expectancy with stage 4 ckd

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  • Life expectancy with stage 4 ckd

    I was recently downgraded to stage 4 ckd with a gfr of 26. I suffered a heart attack with quadruple bypass surgery in 2009. In 2009 I was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer in 2013 resulting in the removal of my bladder, prostate and lymph glands. I suffered two kidney infections shortly after surgery and in 2014 was referred to a nephrologist who diagnosed me with stage 3 ckd. An ultrasound revealed that my left kidney was swelling and a tumble was inserted to release the pressure and drain the poisons. It was determined that scar tissue from the cancer surgery was causing a blockage in the ureta and could not be opened. That left me with one kidney. No physician had actually explained to me exactly what was happening that led to stage 3ckd. At my latest appointment my nephrologist thoroughly explained that my progression of ckd began with my heart attack in 2009 from injected dyes. More dye used in a 2013 ct scan to locate a tumor, two powerful chemo drugs and two infections did the damage to my kidneys. On top of that I developed severe chronic depression in late 2013 leading to going on full disability in early 2015. Lack of motivation, poor diet contributed to my current stage 4 diagnosis of ckd. I have been doing a lot of research about diet, dialysis, and other treatments. With all of the things my body has been through I made an informed decision to not use dialysis to prolong my life as I have underlying health issues. I am not seeking advice on diet, remedies or the like. I just need ongoing support and respect for my decision. My nephrologist already is aware of my wishes. I am being proactive by getting a will, end of life insurance and have made peace with my choices. I am truly tired of fighting and my quality of life has not been good since 2008. I have been living on adrenaline by pushing myself to keep up a false front. Now I want to rest.

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    I just want to say hello and to let you know that I support your decision as it seems that you have given much thought to the situation and circumstances you've been dealt. Choices such as these aren't to be just a passing or fleeting moment when you're just having a troublesome day. The choice has long lasting effects on your family and friends. So I ask you to seek counseling and support from family and friends and other medical providers (mental health). I've also taken steps down this path and have decided to hold off a bit. My overall situation is quite different than yours. But the personal feelings and rational choices remain the same. My famiy is aware that I will envoke my choice at my choosing. I am lifting you up in prayer, and love. And may you enter into the restful comfort and peace you desire and deserve. God Bless, Warrior!!


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      God Bless you and your decision.


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        I have being in Stage 4 for 2 1/2 years
        Yesterday I was informed I was getting to the time when they start talking about transplants but in my case I being dealing with Essential Trombositosys since 2004 and the Playlets yesterday were extremely high. Unless I keep taking Chemo they won’t go down and Chemo is damaging my Kidneys function big time. So they won’t be able to do it. Unless my playlets will come down. Still I believe like you I have Peace and I wouldn’t put my family through dialysis. I totally respect your decision. Please remember when you’re a survivor nothing will change that you’re a fighter. May the Lord Give you Peace that surpasses all understanding make your faith be stronger to accomplish your purpose. Blessings.
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