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Looking for a luggage cart....

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  • Looking for a luggage cart....

    I recently went to the beach for a few days with my daughter. The cycler was difficult for me to handle and then I also had other supplies that I needed. Baxter delivered my solution to the hotel ahead of time which helped tremendously. I am blessed that I was able to go. Now I am in search of a luggage cart to assist in hauling my supplies, especially the cycler. Any suggestions? I cannot find any locally but I know sales reps are using them everywhere!

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    Re: Looking for a luggage cart....

    That is a good question. I assumed the cycler came with one, but I guess not? Ok so I better get on the bandwagon and start searching as well as we will need one too for when we travel.
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      Re: Looking for a luggage cart....

      My cycler came with just a big case with no wheels. I'd be interested in a cart as well.
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        Re: Looking for a luggage cart....

        I got a good sturdy one at Office Depot. It has a good size base to put the cycler as well as strong enough to put the heavy boxes.


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          I have a regular suitcase with wheels which my cycler fits perfectly inside. It was purchased at Burlington Coat factory for less than $50. Easy to use and lift/


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            We are looking for a cart also. One that fits in the overhead bin, since they do not want you to check it.


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              I bought a cart on wheels at Target. The cycler fits on the cart and you pull it with you. It folds up
              and fits in the bin with the cycler. My cycler is in a canvas case. I do have trouble lifting it to the bin
              though and have to ask for help. Usually the flight attendants are willing to help, but sometimes I have
              problems with them.


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                has anyone ever checked cycler as luggage? my davita center gave us a case but not sure if it will fit in overhead. do they count that as your carryon?


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                  Camping world has a great cart that folds up like a stroller. Should be no problem as they check strollers at the gate and could check you machine and
                  cart at gate. Where the door to the plane meets the walkway in.


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                    I will be traveling to cancun Mexico in October 2018 and need a dialysis center there any sugestions.


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                      Just went on DaVita go to menu select travel support and it will walk you through it.. was really simple
                      Good Luck
                      Suzie Murray
                      Originally posted by lramirez1 View Post
                      I will be traveling to cancun Mexico in October 2018 and need a dialysis center there any sugestions.


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