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Traveling to Mexico

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  • Traveling to Mexico

    Has anyone been able to secure a place for dialysis in Puerta Vallarta.

    Thinking about going there and would like to know the experince of others who have been there

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    Traveling To Mexico...

    My Husband Just Started Dialysis About 2 Months Ago Now, And We Had Been Wanting To Go To Mexico For The Summer, But Now Not Sure If We Still Can. Do You Or Anyone Know Of Any Dialysis Centers Anywheres In Mexico Please Let Me Know. Thanks ,jessy


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      Mexico Traveling

      Yea, I have been to Mexico the past two years. Specifically Cancun. I was a bit scarred the fist time I went but once I went to the clinic I was at ease. The clinic in Cancun is great! It's in a brand new "hospiten" there is a doctor in the clinic and the patient to nurse ratio is great. there are only 3 chairs and 2 nurses. They also bring you a meal while getting treated. The only catch is that you have to pay out of pocket. $300. But in my opinion it is well worth it to be able to have a great vacation.


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        For anyone who wished to visit Mexico but needs dialysis you might want to visit this website link that shows a full list of dialysis clinics in Mexico including their contacts.......

        My Blog Site


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          Re: Traveling to Mexico

          Hello, I've been all over Mexico.. aguascalientes,.cancun, Ixtapa Zihuatanejog, merida,
          going to puerta vallarta in July....even the worst looking clinic or hosptol. has always been a good experience...price vary and or sometime negotiable...espcially..if you pay cash..not always..but i;ve paid as little as 100.00 in aguascalentes..but we go there often..usally sometimes a 1 time 40 dollar dr visit...Cancun is the only place that will not treat you if you have Hep C..unless they have changed their policy in the last 2 years...I've found that if they take check or cc cards...300 pesos comes out 214 or 225 approx. on your bank statement..of course exchange rates do fact when I need cash I go to a bank atm and get always get a fair exchange on your bank statement...we never stay at a all inclusive..I can only take r 3 days of an all I don't do it ..but I don't drink..that would be the only reason I would ever consider it,.too many choices for places to eat..always rent a car...never take a tour...especailly in can rent a car and go everywhere some much cheaper...200 pesos gets you out of most tickets if you get pulled over...but my wife is mexican.and speak fluent spanish...hotel zone in cancun speed goes from 40 to 70 careful...I love eating a the street taco stands..even in Cancun we found great restruants going into the inner parts of that is easy to find centers on the internet. but you have to remember to dial 011 and then the number..if you travel in groups and need to have the abillty to contact each other buy pre paid cell phones...anyway enjoy Mexico...


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            Re: Traveling to Mexico

            I know this is an old post, but I just got back from San Miguel de Allende, and there is a beautiful new hemodialysis clinic in Queretaro. It's about a 45 minute drive from San Miguel, but well worth it! Very clean and professional, it's called Medica Santa Carmen....I felt like I was back in the US. In fact, I was surprised to find out they spoke English, and then I learned the owner is American!


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              I also want to go Mexico which is really a great place for visiting purpose. i really like this place. and will be there soon.
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                Mexico was too beautiful place to spend your holidays. I am from California and usually go to Mexico to spend my holidays. The wrist watch of this state was really nice and beautiful. The historical places of mexico is awesome. I think you must watch this state that is really beautiful.


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                  They also bring you a meal while getting treated. The only catch is that you have to pay out of pocket. Towing Company


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                    Mexico is a beautiful country. It is also famous for its ancient ruins. I am also searching for this type of country because I am work with a professional logo designer Australia and we often travel for business purposes. I will suggest my colleagues for this home of nature.