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Flying with PD cycler machine

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  • Flying with PD cycler machine

    My mother is planning a trip to Houston, TX this month and this will be her first time flying with her Baxter PD cycler machine. Can someone share there experience with carrying on there machine? Did it fit in the overhead bin or under your seat? I have measure the soft padded case that comes with the cycler and it is about 4 inches taller than what the airline website allows.

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    I see from thee date on your post that your mothers trip has already taken place. The cycler, at least the hard case is way to big to carry on. It should however be placed in the cabin in the crew's closet if possible. Most air lines cooperate. On one trip on United Airlines they insisted on putting in the hold as baggage. When we landed the case was opened and the cycler was not working. I now strongly insist that it be taken in the cabin. tell them that the air line will be responsible for the approximately five thousand dollar cost.
    Ron D


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