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  • A bombshell

    It is 5:46 AM. have been up since 3:30. Had my 3 month blood tests/ urine done yesterday and looked on the computer for the results. In 3 months my GFR went from 23 to 18! Every other tests were in normal range. Also diabetic. To make matters worse, my wife had a kidney removed 2 1/2 years ago for Clear Cell Carcinoma. What worries me: do l sell our motor home so we can't use it? Will l be around to see all of my 9 grandkids graduate? This December l will turn 70. Not what l thought my life would be. (Hint: AGENT ORANGE)

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    Hi jybird, hey, when it rains it pours, right? what makes you think you cant use the RV? at gfr of 18 your neph should be talking to you about options for dialysis. dont wait till you start getting,sick ok?


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      I was able to stay off dialysis for several years when I was at grf18. Follow the kidney Smart Diet, it really is effective. You could be okay for two or three years before dialysis is for you. You can't worry during that time. Just do the diet and enjoy today.


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        Thanks guys. Tomorrow Morning, Tuesday 7-2-18, I have a one on one with " The Boss" ( we all know who the boss is LOL) at the Davita Center to discuss their program.
        Then on the 5th, we go and talk to my nephrologist. Today, I went to the VA and see their nephrologist and got a second opinion.
        All of this is very unnerving and new to me. If I can go RVing I sure will try to.


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