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U.S. Travel Is Easy

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  • U.S. Travel Is Easy

    Hello I am 91years old and have dialysis 3x week . My daughter will search on our intended travel route and she searches for the highest rated DaVita clinics. She then communicates with the scheduler for the clinic and gets possible chair times and locations. She then contacts my renal coordinator at my nephrology dept. She is wonderful and my renal care team is outstanding! They will contact the davita travel admissions and they handle all of the paperwork. Then my daughter takes me wherever i would like to go.
    So sometimes i have a respite stay in ohio, one treatment in Amarillo etc. She makes sure i can go places and do things i like to see and do. DaVita has been good to me and I only have positive feedback to give you.
    So have fun, live life and go and see and do whatever your heart desires. Yes we depend on dialysis, but Davita is everywhere! Best of luck to you all

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    You give me hope for life.


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      I wish I could say something positive. You are fortunate that you have a helpful team of doctors. Not our experience.


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        We planned to travel to US but has been cancelled due to the virus. Now we also have to stay home, this really sucks.


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          Yeah, some countries are closed for now, as I know, I mean totally closed for air flights, but a lot of countries has still opened air traffic. And this awesome website ( here: ) helped me couple of times even in quarantine, to find the cheapest airline tickets, for different destinations.
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