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DaVita does NOT know what ADVANCE Planning means!

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  • DaVita does NOT know what ADVANCE Planning means!

    Planning a Vacation with DaVita is a JOKE - worst part of Vacation. DaVita does not know what Advance Planning means and they certainly do NOT communicate with the patient. They sure know how to make a vacation STRESSFUL!! Our local center in Kenner gets a minus 10 rating for vacation planning.

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    Hello, thank you for your feedback. If you have concerns about a DaVita center, you may reach out to the Guest Services team at 1-800-400-8331 or I hope this helps! Have a great day.



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      I agree. I recently traveled to Indianapolis for a long weekend. I was meeting friends on Wednesday and needed to know my seat times. On Monday, 48 hours from using an Indianapolis center, I knew nothing. My center made some calls, an came back with my times were 6:30 AM for Wednesday and Friday, which meant I was going to have to drive all night. Now I had put my travel requirements in to the system in May. Wednesday after 10:00 AM, and Friday as close to 6 as possible. So this was half right. So I accepted it. Then on Tuesday, 24 hours prior to my seat time, I get a call from the Indianapolis center telling me that the 6:30 time in no longer available. My new time is 11:30 AM, which is OK for Wednesday, but terrible for Friday. No effort is made to see if any of the numerous other centers in and around Indianapolis can meat my request. I almost skipped going to the center on Friday, but my friends made me see the light of health over fun. This was a terrible experience, which was made worse by me being told that the 6:30 AM slot existed, but a new patient kicked me out of the slot. Which to my mind was not available for the new patient.


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        My husband, the patient, has not been anywhere on vacation since beginning dialysis almost 5 years ago. We are planning a trip to Vegas for 7/14-7/21.It seems we can't go as, despite numerous calls, we can't confirm a space for him. I called this week, spoke with a customer service agent, who said she would send a request to a different center (we've been waiting a month without a response). She assured me we would get a speedy reply. Well, that whole conversation was a LIE. I called today for status and there was no change as I promised and the original request is still pending.Ethically, is this right? People on ESRD must have dialysis in order to live, but quality of life is affected when the patient receives shoddy, non-existant support to allow them to take a break and get away. Amber, the agent I spoke with today, said she'd have a travel coordinator call me back. Of course I have not received a call. If you cannot accomodate my husband, just say so.Very Disappointed! And don't tell me I need to email Guest Services because I've done that also.Lack of customer service and concern for your patients. I wish my husband would change dialysis providers.
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          I agree with you completely. Our trip to Fort Wayne is scheduled for the week of 7/16/2018. I have been trying to secure dialysis for my husband since April 2018. To date (and after numerous phone calls to his dialysis center, DaVita guest services and the Fort Wayne center) we still do not have confirmation. Firs they tell my it's too early to schedule that I need to wait 1 month before the first schedule treatment. Now they tell 2 weeks. How can you plan a trip? I've explained this may be the last time my husband will see his 96 year old mother but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I cannot stress how very disappointed I am in DaVita.


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            Thank you for your feedback, everyone. We've sent this to DaVita Guest Services on your behalf and we are asking for more clarification around the process for scheduling travel. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!


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