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  • Cruising on pd

    We recently completed a Caribbean cruise on celebrity cruise line. We ordered the baxter supplies two months in advance and they were all on board at our cabin when we embarked. Baxter had sent us information about the process to follow if we couldn’t locate our supplies but that was not a problem. The one thing I wanted to call out for others is that the toilets on cruise ships are normally vacumn type toilets that only drain when you flush them. So the first night our toilet overflowed during the night because the Pd drain fluid exceeded the toilet bowl capacity. On subsequent nights, we drained into the bathtub instead. Wanted to mention this for the benefit of others cuz a flooded bathroom is no fun! We had a,so called the celebrity special needs group before the cruise to advise them of the need to do Pd on board and they provided directions for us to follow.

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    Thanks for posting, good information.


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