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Cruise while on DIALYSIS

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  • Cruise while on DIALYSIS

    Does DaVita have specific CRUISE ACCOMMODATIONS

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    I have a similar question. I am a home PD patient. Would like to take a cruise. Are there special crisis. Will regular cruses cope with a supply of dialysis fluid? How do you make the transition from flying in, staying at a hotel and then getting on a ship?


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      I am also looking for info on cruising. We booked a Mediterranean cruise for sept 2018 b4 my husband went into esrd so trying to save this trip! Let’s share info we learn.


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        Hi, I took a cruise last year but only for 4 days. When you sign up they will ask for your medical condition once you indicate you have a disability. Most cruises will assist you with your treatment (cost of course) on the cruise. Very important the water on the ship is filtered salt water not fresh so as long as your not using that you should be ok. Otherwise, I would say plan in the country where the ship docks for 5-6 hrs and just do a 3 hr treatment if that works for you. Good luck enjoy, I sure did.


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          Have you ever tried Dialysis at Seas?? I hear that is a great place to start.


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            Would like to hear of experiences of people who have sailed with Dialysis at Seas


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              Our family just returned from a 7 day cruise on RCCL out of Ft. Lauderdale. My mom who is on PD 5 days a week didn't have a problem with her cycler, supplies, and disposal of her trash on the ship. We brought our supplies, including boxes of solutions, to the pier and RCCL was very helpful. On board, there was plenty of room in our cabin and room to set up the cycler. Also, we didn't have to put the machine back in its carrying case every night. Just placed a blue pad on top of it and no one touched it. I hope this info helps.


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