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Question how long after you were referred

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  • Question how long after you were referred

    I posted this in wrong place before
    My doctor told me my last visit he was going to refer me to start the transplant waitlist stuff . That was the beginning of September .I live in the Norfolk area so it will be Sentara Norfolk . How long was it before you heard anything after your doctor referred you did you hear anything from transplant center.

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    , tty,

    I was referred last February 2019. I had been going to the Nephrology/transplant center frequently for visits so it was an ongoing process. Multiple visits, each time another MD to evaluate me. Finally put on waitlist April 26, 2019. If that makes any sense. I had a transplant Dec 2006 and had a rejection March 2018. That was a year in hell, almost died from it. Finally, through the whole reversal process, I was recovered enough to go back to work but had to have another transplant. So, in Feb 2019, the docs told me my renal failure was bad enough I had to have another transplant. I've been on the list since then and am now scheduled for surgery in 19 days! Finally. Are you waiting to get on the list?


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      I'v been on dialysis for nearly 7 years. I've been going through transplant approval for over a year so have had to do some testing again. Just got on list 2 days ago, that same day I was called about a possible doner. It didn't work out the kidney wasnt viable.


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