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  • Overwhelmed

    Had my transplant evaluation and there’s so much information to retain that I get confused. I’m on the list however my doctor wants me to find a living donor. The squeaky wheel gets oil, as he put it. How does one go about asking for a kidney? I’m extremely shy and my nurse suggested coming to these forums, since everyone here pretty much knows or is going through the same thing. Thank you for any advice you can give! 🙂

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    Hello Anita, I too am awaiting a transplant. My antibodies are very high (my CPRA is 99%), so much that one center would not even take me. (This will be my second transplant) I am on the list at another one. and my only option is a living donor. I opened a caring bridge site and invited family and friends to it so they can see and spread the word. My wife and kids put the word out on Facebook,, Instagram and any other social media they are on. We also are in the process of getting something put in our church bulletin as well. You never know who your donor may be


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      My husband and I saw a car with a phone number and email to contact if someone was willing to donate to this woman's sister. From what I've heard in eval trainings, you just have to push through that discomfort and find ways to ask. Set up an email & website and write it on your car so people can reach out to you. Just talk to your friends about what you're going through, you may be surprised at what people are willing to do without you even asking outright. Good luck!


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        Have no hope that it will be accomplished but it gives me and the Dr something in common. pool deck


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          I've been on the kidney transplant list for a little over 2 years. I've received 4 calls as a backup for transplant. None of them worked out. I have not received any calls since February 2022. I'm not sure what this really means. Am I going to be on dialysis for the rest of my life?



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            This month was no exception. The 20+ hours of dialysis in the 3 days up to and including the one from which my labs are drawn with the nocturnal treatments might be sucking my Albumin levels down along with my other nutrutional levels. AC repair service