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  • Positive Cross Match

    I am currently getting donors tested for my second kidney transplant (first transplant lasted just over six years before being destroyed by my original kidney disease). I have a sinking feeling that nothing is going to go right this time. I have had four people tested so far. All have the correct blood type but all have a positive cross match.

    Has anyone here ever been involved in a paired kidney exchange? I have read many stories where that works very well, but would be seriously concerned that someone in the exchange would back out once their loved one got they kidney they needed. I feel so stressed out right now!

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    Re: Positive Cross Match

    Dont feel stressed my donor who is being tested just received information about the paired donor system and I looked at the DVD and they do all the surgeries of each donor recipient at the same time. So relax you are making something out of nothing. Don look for problems where there aren't any and try not to let your thoughts rule you. Just pray and ask god to give you peace of mind and then let the imaginations you are creating stop.


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      Re: Positive Cross Match

      what does positive cross match mean?
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        Re: Positive Cross Match

        A positive cross match means that the recipient has existing antibodies against the potential donor's antigents. When this happens, if the recipient were to receive an organ from the donor, it is almost 100% certain that the organ will be rejected / destroyed.

        So, right now I have three potential donors. All match for blood type, but all are positive cross match. So sad.

        This can be caused by previous transplant, having a child, having a blood transfusion, etc.


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          Re: Positive Cross Match

          Once you've had children, blood transfusions and/or a transplant the antibodies will be a lot higher.

          In the case of a living donor, the recipient can do IVIG treatments to lower antibodies. Although not all centers do them yet, and not all patients benefit from this treatment.

          Kidney paired donation is more and more common now. Many hospitals in the country are participating, the paired exchange chain can be country wide like the most recent one involving 30 patients.

          I received the GIFT OF LIFE on Nov 9, 2010 thanks to my wonderful donor Laura and her family!


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            Re: Positive Cross Match

            So sorry to hear avout your first kidney. My first was also lost due to the original disease. #4, the second Tx, is doing well with NO original disease.

            I've had IVIG. It's like horible flu that gets worse. If it works, however, it is absolutely worth it. Look into plasmapheresis, which is also used for antobodies. It is a simple, painless treatment. I had this prior to my second transplant to reduce the reoccurance of FSGS.
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              Re: Positive Cross Match

              I have had IVIG in the past (before the first transplant) with no side effects but no real effects on the disease either. The doctors have discussed plasmapheresis but I am waiting for final word on what is to be done.

              Apparently my insurance company is requesting more tests prior to the transplant so i am heading back to Mayo tomorrow morning to get them taken care of. I am just crossing my fingers that I can get a transplant before the need for dialysis this time but am beginning to doubt that is possible anymore. Time will tell.

              Thank you all for your responses!


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