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  • He's listed!

    Hi friends,

    Been away from the site for almost a month (crazy work schedule) but I wanted to share with everyone, we got the call yesterday that he has finally been listed at Cedars Sinai.

    Now the live donors can begin the testing and we'll see what happens.

    It's all very real now. Sigh....
    Boyfriend is the renal patient:

    Diabetes completely controlled with diet
    Hypertension better with the new med schedule.

    PD as of 7/25/2011

    Finally got the call on 12/20/2011 that he has been listed at Cedars Sinai.

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    Re: He's listed!

    Sounds great!!!! Congrats

    May he find the right donor real soon!!
    I received the GIFT OF LIFE on Nov 9, 2010 thanks to my wonderful donor Laura and her family!


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      Re: He's listed!

      Yay, yay, let the testing begin!


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        Re: He's listed!

        That's really GREAT news. I hope all of the other testing goes fast and they find a match for him really fast.
        sigpic distal renal tubular acidosis, stage 3 kidney disease, high blood pressure, osteoperosis, Sjogren's, non-diabetic osteoarthriis and an overactive bladder GFR was 55 as of 8/2/10 Linda


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          Re: He's listed!

          Such GREAT news!! Imagine him in the future NOT on dialysis once again and healthier this time!
          Are you going to be able to test for him yourself?? Or did your blood type rule you out? I cant remember. Does he have many live donors able to test for him?

          Angels are looking out for you & him - He passed his tests and is able to get a transplant. Not everyone is lucky enough. He is blessed.

          I pray it happens real soon.

          HUGS Thinking of you! & Merry Christmas too!

          Today oct 11th.Still no dialysis -and at 9% GFR,
          think i'm gonna make it!!!

          Diagnosed 2005 CKD3.
          Benign Glomulersclerosis- not hereditary, no known cause
          Non-diabetic, normal BP
          Hospital error 2008 caused me to plummet straight to CKD5
          07/2011 -CKD 5 -GFR 11 - Not on Dialysis
          Awaiting transplant, doing eval, hoping for live donor match


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            Re: He's listed!

            Wonderful Wonderful News!!!! Getting on the list is the first you get to look forward to the agony of finding out who, if anyone, is a good match, and then the tests, then more tests, and the wait becomes unbearable so More Test are ordered. I'm still waiting for the Powers the Be make a determination about Reed giving me one of his kidneys. He goes thru all the hoops and red tape, the Doctors scratch their heads and look at the most recent results and they pass the buck from Kaiser Specialist to the Specialist at UCSF and they finally decide....let's wait another three months and check Reed's kidneys again. We are finding that laughing and crying are very close emotions. But best of luck to you and Jesse...hopefully he'll find a match ASAP and get his new/used kidney and be telling us how easy the entire procedure was in no time at all. What a wonderful Christmas present that will be!!!!
            2000 - Doctors said I would be on Dialysis within 5 years
            2011 - Still Pre-Dialysis
            Sept 2011 - GFR: 15 Creatine 3.9
            Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. - Mae West
            Doing Good may not do any Good but do GOOD anyway


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              Re: He's listed!

              Great news!! I wish him the best.

              Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas.
              May you always have Love to share, Health to spare, and Friends that care

              Acute Kidney Function Loss 12/07 - GFR 39
              Current GFR 46 - Stage 3 - Controlled HBP


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                Re: He's listed!

                My first post in months, I missed you guys a lot but I am so happy for Jessie and you. I can't wait to see the post about his transplant and all the excitement leading up to it. God is good.

                Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.


                Diagnosis with Stage 4, GFR 16%
                Non diabete, normal BP
                November 2007

                Today and tomorrow I am blessed by
                God and His Angels


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