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All I want to do is to give my Kidney to my Sister

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  • All I want to do is to give my Kidney to my Sister


    I am a 32 year old woman.I have PCOS and well conrolled hypertension.I am in a strange situation here.Wanting to do something realy diffficult as on date.

    I realy realy want to give my Kidney to my sister.I have some health issues here.I am infertile trying to conceive via IVF.So if I succeed I can give to her only after I give birth.

    Now have two major barrier to donation.First is PCOS.Which by itself is not a contraindiction to donation but a risk factor.Hypertension and PCOS I have are both related to my being overweight.I have BMI of 30 and weight 74 KGs and my ideal weight should 65.

    Now here is the plan I intend to loose 10 KGS of my weight.So that reduces my risk for both hypertension and diabetes sinificantly and then after 1 year give my Kidney to my sister.

    All I want in life is to be able to do this.I have already lost 1.5 Kgs.I want to beleive in this plan and want to do it.Will this work.Please pray for me.

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    Re: All I want to do is to give my Kidney to my Sister

    I will pray for you!!!! Best of luck to you!!!
    ckd,stage3,due to birth defect/refulx,controlled b/p


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      Few people can do it like you, friendship is something very precious and we must preserve it. pacman 30th anniversary