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  • I need help

    "hello,i am kinda new here.I am at the end stage kidney disease and need a donor,i need advice and as much help as i can get,i am not on dialysis yet and its not a choice i am willing to take,please help me in any way possible thank you

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    achoujunior....Call the hospitals for transplant and ask what their policy is. Then choose one because insurance (or Medicare) accepts one to start with and then later you can op to be on another. Some transplant hospitals ask for a physicians recommendation. Others will let you start the orientation process and then get the doctors recommendation. Ohio State Transplant had the orientation then a physical exam. I was then told to have certain tests done with my own doctors and then they had me do the stress test at the Ohio State University hospital. I was accepted after two months of all those tests. I did not need a physicians recommendation. I have PKD and I need a live donor which I have not found yet. I am on dialysis as of Oct 2013. I am doing fine and just take one step at a time. Since I am in good health and never smoked or drank, I am a candidate for another list which I am willing to take an older kidney since I am over 65 and many people reject taking an older kidney. So I am on two lists. Please read all you can by going to the search at the top of the page and putting in transplant. That also might help. Just read all you can on everything because you don't know if you will have to go on dialysis and it is better to be prepared than to go into it without knowledge. Than stay positive and try not to worry. That is what I try to do and my doctor is pleased that I look like nothing is wrong with me and I keep striving to be as normal as possible. It is not always easy but I wake up each morning with that goal and usually make it through the day without to many self talking to being positive conversations. I did a lot of self talking to with positive Bible verses when I first started this process of keeping me as healthy as possible waiting for a kidney.


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      Hello, i'm not sure what exactly you mean the dialysis is not a choice you would like to make. Please look at the options research dialysis and get
      yourself on the donor list talk to family members friends get a support group and specially your doctors. I have a sister who after 17 years having a kidney transplant is unfortunately back on dialysis it breaks my heart to hear
      her that she rather take the alternative . this is not just happening to you, your loved ones are suffering too. We all have our own ways of dealing with adversity please don't give up I will pray for you as a prayer for my sister and the countless people
      on dialysis waiting for a donor.


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