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  • Frustrated

    To all the people out there waiting for a donor I hope you know that there are people wanting to donate. I have been trying for months to get the donation process going. I have dealt with more than one organization trying to do this. I think people wanting to donate probably just give up after awhile. I am in business and deal with professionals all day long. I have pretty high standards. The organizations that I have dealt with do not communicate, don't respond to phone requests or emails and is nothing that I am used to. You would think with the demand and supply issue that an organization would be more interested in getting a donor and acting like that donation even mattered.

    Thank you for listening I needed to vent. I am not giving up but am incredibly frustrated. It sucks when you are trying to do something good and people just don't even want to help you.

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    I'm just now in process of getting approved for a kidney transplant at Swedish transplant clinic in Seattle, and then also hope to be approved by Loma Linda in S.Cal, and hoping mightily for a living donor. Will compensate for all costs involved. If any west coast folks are considering donating, please email me at And thanks from all of us for those willing to make such a generous life saving gift! Ted.


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      If you haven't already done so, find the closest transplant center to you and speak with the donor coordinator at that location. If you have blood type O, I can connect you with my transplant center in NC.


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