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thinking about kidney dnation....

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  • thinking about kidney dnation....


    Am thinking about donating a kidney to my father who is 89 yrs old & in good health (other than his stage 4 kidney disease). I'm a 57 yr divorced smoker w/no kids & some dental issues.

    On the surface, a donation seems to make sense.

    Am aware initially that blood types need to match and a thorough head to toe physical in addition to my psychological makeup needs to be assessed.

    Anyone been were i,m at or know of someone who has been?

    Thanks for any insight/opinions/sharing.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    I was... I donated a kidney to my sister 4 years ago. Not a smoker, but 57 now. I am not sure I would do it again! I have now been diagnosed with decreased kidney function. It is a huge decision and has life long consequences. What does you father say? I can honestly say that I did it for my parents, so they didn't have to watch their daughter suffer. I am also annoyed that I am not getting more help from the transplant center.


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      I was 60 when I gave my husband a kidney; I'm now 70. It was a very easy procedure for me physically. Everything works just as before and I've not suffered health wise from the donation. I'm amazed that more people don't donate.


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          If it will not cause you some health complications and you are perfectly match, then do it for your fathers sake. contact us