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  • Scare stiff

    I believe I will have to make a decision as to why type of dialysis I should choose. By the sound of it, PD seems to be the way to go. I love my food, is PD the best choice for us in terms of food limitations? If infection does occur, is it painful? And is it life threatening? Is infection easy to treat? I love t receive some advice.

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    Like PD

    Lucas, I started with Hemo in June06 and switched to PD in Nov 06. For me the Pd (I'm on the night circulator) has been so much better. I feel as though I have my life back. I am 60 but always felt much younger. The hemo just flattened me but I feel nearly normal on the PD. I know it is not for evryone as I met people on hemo who hated the PD. You can always switch if it does not work out.


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      Re: Scare stiff

      Lucas, there is no need to be scared stiff. Although I will admit I was as well when I had to make the same decision you're making.

      I chose PD so I have no experience with hemo. I chose it because of the lesser diet restrictions. I've been on PD since 2003. While I'd like to be able to answer your question about how peritonitis (infection of the peritoneum) feels I'm sure you'll be much happier to hear that I can't tell you because I haven't had it. So yes it's possible to go years without ever having an infection as long as you follow sterile procedure as taught to you by your PD staff.

      PD has been great for me. I can eat almost anything I want. Exercise, eat right: Watch that portion control! Too many people, expecially americans, eat too big of a meal. Try eating smaller portions and more often. 4 or 5 smaller meals is better than 2 or 3 larger ones. I watch my sodium and fluid intake and I'm good to go. Let us know how you're doing and ask any questions you have I'll be happy to answer them.



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        Once it became normal size, I never used it for blood work. It was my security arm so when that time come ill be able to use it. and that time is now. Wood Chipper