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    I'm in stage 3 for several years but I woner why I'm not receiving treatment?

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    Originally posted by wwalder View Post
    I'm in stage 3 for several years but I woner why I'm not receiving treatment?

    There is no treatment for stage 3 other than watching your diet very closely. I would speak with your doc to see if you can make an appointment with a Renal Dietitian so you can learn proper diets that may stretch your function out for a few years.. What is the reason of your kidney failure ? as this will also have a lot to do with the rate in which the kidneys function..
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      Actually, at stage 3, you should only need to watch your diet maybe just a little bit.


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        You should also be monitoring your blood pressure on your own, because high blood pressure damages kidneys. Following a renal diet will help keep blood pressure low, but medication if often needed. Eventually you will need a battery powered blood pressure cuff at home, so you may as well buy one now. Something I've learned is that doctors seem to care more about your health care if they see that you do. Educate yourself online and ask lots of questions. That's my two cents


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          In stage 3 of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), the patients' glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is about 30-60%, and this means their kidneys have been damaged moderately. With the decline of kidney function, some obvious clinical symptoms, which can easily cause end-stage kidney failure, will become present on these patients with stage 3 CKD.
          you should be revice treatment as soon as posible .
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            My name is Pam and I have stage 3 kidney disease due to having diabetes for over 30 years. I have been to 3 different nutritionists all with different diets. I know I have to watch protein,sodium,potassium and phosphorous. What does a person eat then?


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              Contact a dietician.


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                I am on late stage 3 with GFR 34 ( improved from 32 on May 2014). Diet and increasing in exercise help me, I think. I nearly a vegan now. Oatmeal and apple is my daily breakfast ( sometime lunch too). No more dinner, no Dim Sum, seafood ( oh, well, a month of a dozen raw oysters--can't help it!)

                I have high BUN (76), creatinine ( 1.6), and high Triglycerline ( working on it firecly). On lisinopril 10 mg with BP 100-130/66-95 so I'm planing to get my weight down from 108 lbs to 95-100 lbs in next three months. I love fruits, but have to give them up to keep potassium low ( at 5.0 right now). My new add-on to diet is water, no more coffee, juices, just going for alkaline water 8-10 gls/day


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