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Nearing time for dialysis

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  • Nearing time for dialysis

    Hi All,

    I am a 31 year old male. I was diagnosed with ESRF November 2010. My GFR is currently 10 and my creatinine is 7. I was able to complete my bachelors degree in June and i am currently pursuing a paralegal certificate. My nephrologist has been insisting i put the PD catheter for a while. I believe since late 2011. I keep on postponing. I know my immune system is low but i am able to do day to day activities. I get tired too easily and i feel sleepy alot. I am always feeling cold too. for example, anytime i am exhausted and don't catch enough hours of sleep. I wake up the next morning with cold. I keep on sneezing (as if i have allergies). That makes my whole day miserable. I would have to take some benedryl at night to dry up my nose. I am also suceptible easily to common cold and flu viruses. Asides i do fill pain around my kidney area. I know i am not in good shape but i am postponing dialysis first until i can get married and also finish my paralegal certificate because right now i am single and with no family nearby. Doing dialysis will greatly take a whole lot of effort. At least i need someone that can ease my stress like helping with cooking, cleaning and i also don't want to do dailysis when going to school sort off just to reduce the work load. Luckily for me i found a beautiful girl who knows about my ailment and is willing to marry and take care of me. We are just waiting for everything to be right. By Gods grace next year december we will get married.

    On a side note. I hope to accomplish more in life. I want to go to law school. Please if you people have any advice for me i will be glad to hear them. Also specifically how i can limit my constant recurring cold. I am so glad i found this forum. I wish everyone here good health. I have been on the transplant list since march 2011. I live in Denver Colorado and if anyone want to get in touch please let me know.

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    I'm hoping that, by now, you have followed your doctor's advice and started dialysis. I haven't started dialysis yet, but I will in the next week or so...just waiting for a repaired hernia to completely heal, before I can start PD. If I was feeling as poorly as you seem to be, I'd be eager to start dialysis and start to feel better. Rather than thinking about the time it will take you to do your exchanges...think of what it will save you - in terms of your health and your energy level. Why put it off? You're only going to continue feeling more and more sick. Get your catheter placed now, while you'll still have the health and energy to heal well, before starting your PD. That's my humble advice.


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      Hi, please consider having the catheter placed now, so that when you need your dialysis, your body would have healed properly and be ready for your dialysis. When I got my tube, for PD, I felt terrible for one week, and after that, I am feeling fine with the usual struggles of pre dialysis that I had before, but I am ready! Good luck young man! Go for it!


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