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Anemia Symptoms?

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  • Anemia Symptoms?

    Hi everyone,

    I am curious about some of the symptoms that those with anemia have experienced. According to my last set of labs (from about two months ago), I am not anemic, but I was borderline...although, I realized that on my own, without the help of my doctor, so no one has spoken to me about the possibility or signs of anemia. However, I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately...headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath/rapid heart rate (only twice, occurring at the same time), difficulty sleeping and easily emotional (hopefully readers get as good of a chuckle as I do when I think about it, but I literally cried watching Bobby Flay cook a lasagna on the Food Network). From the research I have done online, it sounds like it could be anemia, but some of the symptoms don't seem to line up. Let me note that I do have hyperparathyroidism, which seems to have some shared symptoms with anemia. I am on medication for it, but my levels have proven to be difficult to control, albeit it is much better than it was originally. The uncontrolled level doesn't seem to be a concern of the doctor as she has not spoken to me about it. I moved up my appointment date and plan to see a new nephrologist, so hopefully I will be finding out more information soon, from a more involved and informative doctor. Until then, I would love to hear some feedback on what others have experienced with anemia, or if someone identifies these symptoms with another issue. Thank you in advance for any responses!

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    I have had anemia for years at 10 hgb. I started taking 65 mg iron tablets and am now up to 11. No emotional issues (everyone's different) but a person just feels tired a lot and a person might have big plans for the day but just ends up sitting on the couch. no energy.


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        Hello. I am new to the boards so bear with me on the process. I have been in stage 3 for over a year and half. Just by pure luck I went to the cancer center to determine a red spot on my tongue that periodontist had no idea what it was. So, wonderful doctor assured me it wasn't cancer and took blood work. There it was, anemia and the spot is anemia tongue. I had complete faith in my nephrologist and now I feel he dropped the ball. Yearly visits and just avoid salt, drink more water and don't consume alcohol or caffiene. I wanted to go to a dietition and he said "not yet." It wasn't enough to keep me healthy as in a year of feeling fine I didn't take it as seriously as I should have. Now I am going gung ho into diet and taking iron and vitamin C.

        Does anyone have any advice as to second opinion, dietition, Can I turn it round and bring my GFR up. He did put me on Tamsulosin as my GFR bounces around. last blood work it was 44. before that 59 but it has jumped back and forth for several years.


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          Hello, I have Stage 4 almost 5, just Dx last week and I just had my biopsy yesterday.
          I'm anemic and no one is telling me much of anything.
          it looks like this is common for CKD.
          I also had a weird patch on my tongue and dry mouth. I knew it was anemia tongue. I am chomping on ice NONSTOP.
          what diet will help or supplements, I’m terrified of dialysis/transplant and I know it’s inevitable at this stage.
          why isn’t anyone telling me anything?