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iron supplements and constipation

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  • iron supplements and constipation

    I was just diagnosed with Anemia. I bought the cheap over the counter iron but the pharmacist told me it would cause constipation. So, I went looking on Amazon and found a company called Solgar that puts out a product called Gentle Iron. "Non constipating- gentle on your stomach." Great reviews on effectiveness. Two weeks and so far it does what it says. I hope my next blood work goes up. It is only 25mg so I have to take more capsules and it costs more (what doesn't) but you save the expense in products to counteract constipation.
    I also can't take acid products or acid foods for that matter and Vitamin C has acid in it. Solgar also has a Ester@plus which is 500 MG of vitamin C that they say is Gentle and Non-Acidic.That is a little pricey but you do what you have to do to be comfortable. worth it to me!! The bottles are glass and amber colored with gold labels. I hope this helps someone!!!!

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    im anemia
    Im totally deaf
    I've always been stage 4
    But my gfr is 15 now.
    Im worried about diaylsis
    I have sorjgens syndromsynd. I want to learn as much as possible for stage 5.
    Does anyone have any great suggestions
    Thank you


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      Hello, I have Stage 4 almost 5, just Dx last week and I just had my biopsy yesterday.
      I'm anemic and no one is telling me much of anything.
      what diet will help or supplements, I’m terrified of dialysis/transplant and I know it’s inevitable at this stage.
      why isn’t anyone telling me anything?


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        Wishing you a speedy recovery, pay attention to your food intake.

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