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    Hi everyone. Im new to the forums but could really use some help.
    im currently 44 years old on in center dialysis, have type one diabeveryoneetes, high blood pressure, have had a heart attack and a stroke. Go to dialysis 3 times a week for 2 years.
    My issues are with my weight at dialysis. I feel like im starving all the time and i love to drink fluids. Im careful in how much fluid i have but i seem to always have more weight gain then ever. I feel like im down to eating and drinking nothing just to keep my weight gain at dialysis normal. Its becoming more and more difficult. Now my issue is im not a "regular" guy. I do not go every night. I have always been this way sometimes its up to 5 days. I have tried all laxatives, its just the way i am. So i think i am carrying the food waste as well as liquids into when your weighed at dialysis. I have told the nurse and doctor this and they dont seem to care. All they say is theres nothing we can do about that and we have no way to calculate that. So now im dealing with two swords. My food weight and my liquid weight. Its hard enough to deal with one.
    now my issue is when i get dialysis my bp is bottoming out around 80 to 90. But i suffer from high blood pressure which can run around 200 when i go in. This is an awful feeling and my day off i feel so sick i just sleep it away. I know some will say raise your dry weight. But i have and i start to have breathing troubles when im 5kg from my dry weight right now. So right now its hard to get a full run in without crashing or going into minimal mode. Im never getting all my weight off. And i have crashed with low bp everytime for the last 3 months except two. My doctor doesnt seem to care or is too busy. The nurses treat you like a number.
    i am at a loss what to do. Im stressed and dont feel like im living a life anymore. Pd dialysis is not an option by the way. Im not sure what to try or do. Right from the start at my hospital nothing was explained to me. It was just sit in this chair and that was it. Never explained how it affects your bp or sugars or nothing. Some will say get a new doctor but there are none in my area.
    Any help or questions or ideas that can be offered please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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    Anybody got any ideas?


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      Hi, im sorry about the feelings of being lost in the dark with regards to the disease we have. I too have moments like I just wanna eat and drink nothing. sometimes feeling helpless. and added to that, feeling like a blind person walking to the edge of the cliff. I hope your concerns have already been addressed. but if not, maybe it's high time to do further investigation on these issues potentially causing your problems. so with the constipation - do you regularly check your potassium level? this might have an effect your bowel movement. low levels slow it down. a stool softener or laxative can help if the problem is physiologic and no findings per colonoscopy (you could do this if you haven't yet). with regards to your crashing bp during hd (did I understand it right?), maybe your recorded dry weight needs to be updated. like - are you bloated or congested pre dialysis? coz sometimes our weight gain is just a number and nurses/doctors have to correlate it with the actual physical symptoms and other signs like lung crackles and edema. and lastly, you said you had a heart attack before and this is an important thing to consider especially with constant fluid overload. I hope you see your cardiologist regularly, an annual 2d echo to the very least. your heart function might have contributed to the breathlessness you feel. I pray you feel better and I pray for more good days over bad. you are not alone.