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Safe medication for chronic constipation

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  • Safe medication for chronic constipation

    Could someone please recommend something safe to use on a regular basis for constipation ? My G.I. doc said it was okay to use Miralax twice a day. The info. I have read contradicts the G.I. doc. My nephrologists also said it was okay to use. I want to put my trust in him, but I don't know if Miralax to take that frequently. I already eat fruits, vegetables, plenty of water, etc. It has just recently began. Thank you, Sharon

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    if the doctor says it's safe, i think it really is


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      I think before visiting the doctor, we must try organic and natural ways to get rid of constipation. Actually, about 1 year ago I also suffer from the same situation. Unfortunately, I was on a Pakistan tour with my wife (She is a Pakistani national). I discuss the whole situation with her and she searches for constipation treatment online. Coming to the point, in short, she recommends qabz ka ilaj means constipation treatment in Urdu (the national language of Pakistan). On the basis of her research I follow the following points:
      1. Drink plenty of water
      2. Eat dates
      3. Do exercise
      4. Stay away from fast food
      5. Never eat fried items
      6. Take more fiber
      So after 1 to 2 weeks, I was totally fine. I also recommend the same solution for anyone suffering from any type of constipation. Thank You!


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        I have a friend who is a doctor and he showed me a medicine called Bisacodyl because I used to suffer from constipation like you. I took it and it worked very well. In addition, you can use more digestive enzymes for the small intestine to avoid recurrence

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          I drink Smooth Tea at night, sometimes with a stool softener.


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            Miralax is a good drug for constipation. As soon as I started having problems with constipation, my doctor prescribed me this medication. Still, over time I realized that it was not as effective as I would like, so I started taking other medications. Also, I usually buy medicines for constipation only at because, in my opinion, this online pharmacy has the best prices, it seems to me. Still, at least I compare with others, and I decided to share this information here to save you money. But the leading cause of constipation is poor nutrition and lack of fluid in the body.
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