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Stage 3 CKD, Lisinopril and Declining GFr?

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  • Stage 3 CKD, Lisinopril and Declining GFr?

    I've been diagnosed since 2013 with Stage 3 CKD. I have a very small left kidney and a small pelvic kidney. The best guess is that long term high BP-missed by past primary care doctors who thought my high BP was "white coat syndrome" as I "looked" to be in good shape-is the reason for my CKD.

    Anyway, since my diagnosis I have been on 5mg Lisinopril. Seemed to be working fine but this past year my GFr has been dropping bit by bit. In 7 years, I've gone from 46 to 35. I have been as high as 52 and my lowest was 32. My nephrologist is concerned enough to try "something" to see if my numbers will improve. She's taken me off of Lisinopril and onto Amlodipine.

    My understanding is that Lisinopril may be interfering with blood flow...or something...and there is a hormonal element to this which is causing my kidneys to work too hard to counteract the effects.

    Has anyone had a similar experience with Lisinopril?

    Thank you for your input.

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    Hi my name is Vikki. I have been on quinapril for yrs. My gfr has dropped from 49 to 36.8. Could it be the drug? I do have diabetes for 40 yrs. Thanks.


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      My doc wacked my kidneys out with lisinopril and only took 6 weeks to go to from 48 to five..theres a reason most meds u see on commercials say may cause failure''doctors and for profit dyalysis ur research..scam scam scam


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        Any comments on losarten for stage 3b ckd. My doc has presciribed 25 mg,



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