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81 years old w/CKD-5

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  • 81 years old w/CKD-5

    Stage 5 CKD 81 yrs old.
    2010-When my GFR dropped to 12. Doctor and I agreed to PD at home treatment beginning in 2012. After one year on home PD my labs looked awful. I developed an infection and lost 70 lbs. I was rejected by transplant team because of AFIB, defibrillator installed, I began hemodialysis in 2014, after a year my Lab numbers improved, dry weight balanced out. Currently I feel well ( 8 out of 10) except when I do stressful activities, walking, climbing stairs or carrying packages. These activities exhaust me. Also, I do a lot of sitting and have developed a sore near the coxsis.
    Currently I am looking to hear of others with similar health condition.
    Thank you

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    Need lab reports


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