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CKD stage 4 HELP!

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  • CKD stage 4 HELP!

    Good Afternoon everyone... Help, I am having a real issue trying to get my blood pressure in line. My kidney functions are in the 22-25%. The issue is my sky high blood pressure and low blood pressure. The kidney doctor, primary care doctor and pharmacist are working together to stabilize it. Currently (as of yesterday) upped my meds to: 12 .5 mgs of Lorsartan at arising. 100 mgs of Hydralazine at breakfast, 12.5 mgs of Metoprolol before noon, 75 mgs of Hydralazine lunch, 25 mgs of Hydralazine at dinner, 12.5 mgs of Metoprolol around 10 p.m. and 12.5 mg of Lorsartan at bedtime. Plus, taking 50mgs of Lasix daily. My b.p.s go as high of 180/100 and low as 97/59 and this roller coaster ride just makes me feel awful. Anyone else experiencing this and have any advise?

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    Mines have been stable, are you watching what you eat, are you stressed, there is something wrong for it to be that high and you are taking all of those meds. I am praying for you, I hope everything gets better soon.


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      I too am at a GFR of 26. My bp fluxation had me hospitalized about one year ago twice. Seems to be pretty controlled at the moment


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        Hi...I guess you are Really On A Roller Coaster ride with your bp!!!

        I've no idea about bp medications.
        I wonder though have you had your electrolytes checked?
        Also, have you seen a renal dietitian?
        Are you drinking half your body weight in caffeine or soda.

        Your diet and fluid intake play a Huge Roll in your kidney function....mine has been as low as 17gfr and now I'm back up to 32gfr with diet and hydration...I was very sick when it went down to 17%.

        I write in the stage 3 ckd a sort of anything goes blog about kidney health....if you do decide to see a renal dietitian, as your dr for a refferal. Bring All your most recent blood work as the dietitian will calculate your diet based on bun, createnine and gfr levels...

        Best to you!! ml


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