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    I recently went to an Online doctor on 8/21/2022 for symptoms of what I thought was a potential kidney infection Had moderate discomfort in my flanks on both sides, not searing but enough to where I was hyperaware of their existence. Within 5-minutes, I was being prescribed Cefdinir for potential UTI/Bladder/Kidney infection. Another week goes by and the pain is no longer there, but the pressure in my abdomen just below my navel and right above my pubis and also the warm/hot sensation like I am going to have to use the restroom (not burning).

    Fast forward to the following Sunday, 8/28/2022 I heed my husbands insistence and go to the Urgent Care clinic. They performed a urinalysis and found a large amount of blood in my urine along with protein; I am told this could be due to Kidney Stones, UTI, Bladder and/or Kidney infection. While they did do a dipstick test which showed I was clear of infection, she still prescribed me Bactrim DS and told me to cease taking the cefdinir.

    I had let her know that while I am still urinating, it fluctuates from being persistent to less than usual. Sometimes the amount(s) are large and other times its little; Depends. I suffer from anxiety/depression pretty badly and I told her that I was scared to death that I was "dying" or something was terribly wrong. To ease my mind, she ordered Lab work (Lipid and CMP). See below for those results.

    Cholesterol: 293
    LDL: 208 with normal range, by their standards, being Less than or equal to 130
    Creatinine: 1.4mg/dl
    GFR: 57 (Stage 3A)
    Blood Pressure: 130/82
    Glucose: 103

    Of course, I am the type that tends to dwell on things immensely and I ended up receiving my results via the MyChart patient portal before she was able to call me the next morning and tell me the results herself; SO I spent the entire night googling/self-researching myself into a panic induced state in which I could not sleep, I was shaking/chilling/trembling with fear because I was terrified of the information I was seeing on Google, WebMD, etc. I had convinced myself I was dying and I didn't even know what any of it really meant.

    The doctor calls me at 11AM the next morning and tells me "We have your results and it's not bad. Your GFR is 57 and your Creatine is 1.4 coupled with your Cholesterol - I think these things are tied heavily in together seeing as you are just into Stage 3A, I believe we can get you back into Stage 2 with sufficient diet and exercise and significant weight loss". Essentially, telling me that it is potentially reversible. She prescribed me Crestor 40MG and I began taking it that night. She told me to create an appointment with a GP and get in to get regular visits to keep track; Seeing as I JUST got my insurance back through my husband, I am having to start over with someone new and I cannot be seen until 10/31/2022.

    Flash forward to today, 8/31/2022 - I am still urinating but not at the frequency I was used to prior to this entire debacle. Sometimes I go several times a day, sometimes I go less - with the output being the same (Weak stream, trickle here, large amount there, etc etc). I still feel the odd pressure between my Navel and my pubis (Fupa, for lack of better term) and the warm/hot sensation that its sitting in Penis. I have a "blocked" feeling in my abdomen starting at the top right where the gallbladder is and have been constipated. I wonder if the constipation could have anything to do with going from One Antibiotic to another back to back. I have been unable to sleep, still anxious and my anxiety will not let my brain rest. When I try to sleep, it's like i suddenly jerk awake. She prescribed me Zoloft, but that does not work over night to help ease anxiety so I went and bought Melatonin with L-Theanine which worked a little bit. I must have dozed off, I just do not remember it. It kind of feels like my body is asleep but my brain is still running 100 Milers/minute.

    This is my journey thus far - I am a 36 year old male.
    I am overweight - 225LBS

    I am scared/terrified out of my mind and terrified of death.
    I am hoping what she says is true and this can be turned around. I have read opinions online that both support and deny that.
    When I move I am still hyper aware of my organs, not really hurting, just that they're there. It may be my anxiety. I know my posture is horrible and I am sure that some of the kinks and pangs I feel are due to being slouched in bed all week thus far but it still makes my mind thing, oh lord - what's going on now.

    Everyone's journey is different, I am aware - but I wanted to reach out here for support. I talk to my husband about it and I know that their anxieties are up as well but I thought it would be a good idea to post here with others who are going through similar things.

    Since my diagnosis, I have done nothing but sit and wallow in my self-pity, sedentary in my bed hunched over constantly googling everything.
    Running my own numbers on eGFR calculators and wondering if my labs were correct seeing theirs say mine should be anywhere between 6-11 points higher than what was on my Chart. Which gives me a sense of false hope. I am just at my wits end. I have held back liquids, foods, etc because I am terrified of putting things into my body and making it worse. I have stopped all NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Aleve) as I Used to take them like candy.

    To see the site I used to calculate on my end, click here.

    I am researching on healthy kidney diets that correlate with High Cholesterol.

    Any advise, tips, etc would be greatly appreciated.
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