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Just Diagnosed with CKD Stage 3b

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  • Just Diagnosed with CKD Stage 3b

    Hello everyone.

    My life has been a hell for two weeks now. I and my husband were about to move abroad and just wanted to visit the hospital for control. And my doctor immediately asked me to be hospitalized. She said that she wanted to start my treatment as soon as possible.

    I was in the hospital for 4 days, they measured my levels every day. My eGFR fluctuates between 35-and 46, so I am officially stage 3b. There is no diagnosis so far, they will perform a biopsy in the following week. Afterward, I think the type of my disease will be verified. Honestly, I am terrified about the possibilities and my feature. Because the doctors told me that this stage is too late for treatment.

    I am deeply upset, I feel healthy even though my kidneys are on a critical level. I had no signs, no warnings and this news was quite heavy on me. Still, I am getting a hard time believing it. Sometimes I am too depressed to be optimistic about my situation, my researches lead me to very dark thoughts. Some other times I feel better, I believe that I can find a chance to survive in the long run. It is very upsetting for me to know that it is very risky for me to bear a child.

    To sum up... I hope there are people who can understand me. Because I feel like no one around me can understand me, or support me in the way that I needed.


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    I have been stage3 since kidney failure since 2014


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      Hi travler, what was your diagnosis? How could you stay in this stage for this long?


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        The doctor think it was to much heart catherterization dye or my type 2 diabets. I have to have blood work done every 3 to 6 months. I do see a kidney doctor .My creatinine level goes up and down 1.2 to 1.4 which is still good but not that great. I try and drink pently of fluids.


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          Hi there i am stage 3b too. You are really facing hardships and depression and i can understand that. To get a diagnosis will be some relief for you. I had no noticeable symptoms either. So to find out about kidney damage was alarming. For me also all about the same time i am a new patient for kidney doctor and endocrine as well as regular doctor. To compound things, i must have people to take me the long distances for treatment. Blood tests just about every month and sometimes more than once. In my case, I learned history of high blood pressure and overuse of medicines led to the damage. At any rate, things must be uphill battle for us all.